I guess the message here is to "have fun with make-up", but I hope chinese girls out there don't walk out their house looking crazy, just 'cause they saw it in a editorial photographed by Liz Collins in the May edition of Vogue China. But wait a minute! Don't they already do? Nontheless, model Shu-Pei seemed like she had fun posing for the camera. And check out those pink Giles Deacon shades from his S/S 2010 collection. Hot!
Photos via nextmodelsblog.blogspot.com


corve said...

It depends on the individual sense of style. I am sure people will be sporting these looks especially the top four.

I like them. Again I may be wrong I am not sure what works for the Chinese culture in terms of fashion but i know they are bold as ever.

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

If you are referring to the remark regarding that Chinese girls look "crazy". I was referring to the now popular Asian street style that is known for it's boldness and pompousness. No hard feelings from my part.

Maria Ana said...

I love asian faces! so pretty!