I Been Kinda Busy. Did You Miss Me?

I been absent from blogging for some time now, that I feel almost bad for not doing so. Life, as most you know, is not pink. I'm not relatives with Andre Leon Talley. If you been stalking me on twitter, you may already know that between heartbreaks, work, sports and maintaining a social life, time for blogging have been left on the back burner. Alas, I'm back, and you like it. 

Amid all the debauchery that encompasses part of my social life, I've been attending events in DC (I mean, I live 10 minutes from the White House, wouldn't you do the same?) and its surrounding areas. The picture above was taken by a sneaky photog (his name remains a mystery), who thought me taking fashion notes during Crystal Couture would make for a candid shot. What I love about the photo is how my vintage herringbone coat looks over  a thick cardigan I purchased a while back from Gap. In my head, I thought I looked very Dolce. Let me be! (I'm sort of mad he didn't get my shoes. If you're reading this, take this as a reminder). 

I'm a people's person. And some of them like me, evident by a birthday invitation I received a few weeks ago for an event producer who resides in Virginia. The next day, I'm attending my first gala. I'm still deciding who to wear (Did I just write "who" to wear, instead of "what" to wear? Get me!). Wish me luck. And it goes without saying, I'm planning to work the room.