writtenafterwards Fall/Winter 2009/10

Japanese people strive for innovation everytime they get a chance to show their craft during Japan fashion week or make a statement when they step out of their house in a crazy costume. writtenafterwards takes that statement very personal by their Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection shown during Japan fashion week. I'm attracted to avant-garde fashion but this collection definitely tops my list. You are most likely to see these looks on a cover of Vogue Nippon than on the surroundings of your residence. I thought this collection was not 100% comercial, but it was sure 100% artistic, original and creative. When you see these looks coming down the runway, it makes you think and wonder the logic behind every look. I almost feel there is a hidden story behind this whole collection that I'm sure most people won't understand, specially those who are not into high fashion or those close-minded individuals who believe America is the only country on Earth. After I did some research, I learned that writtenafterwards is currently designed by creative directors Yoshikasu Yamagata who worked as an assistant with Dior's John Galliano (no wonder they have similar esthetic) and Kentaro Kamai, who graduated from the top fashion school in the world, Central Saint Martins in 2004 and assisted British fashion genius, Alexander Mcqueen in his 2003 Fall/Winter collection. I believe their approach to fashion is completely different from what most designers are doing in Milan or Paris. I admire how they think and communicate what they are trying to say in a few looks and get the message across loud and clear, which I believe every designer should try to achieve through any of their collections. I was attracted by this quote posted on their site which said the following, "We do not regard fashion design as design of clothes, but "human aspect or design of mode" and are suggesting fashion as the communication tool which has point of views of education, society, culture and environment". It's probably something you don't read everyday, but it's a nice deep quote to reflect on, some of the looks below, enjoy...
Pictures: fashionsnap.com


Footwork Part 2

What's hotter than a sexy pair of shoes worn by a stylish women, who takes risks when approaching fashion. A good shoe can pull off any outfit. It's almost considered the last touch for a look besides the jewelry and accessories. I heard once that women pick the shoe first and from there put a whole outfit together, which sounds odd, but if it works for you then go ahead. I think picking the right shoe can help, It lengthens the figure and alters the walk. It also brings more confidence towards your whole persona and it might also feed your ego a bit...jakandjil.com, again shot the best footwear during Paris Fashion Week, here some pixs, enjoy...
Yves Saint Lauent
Yves Saint Laurent
Pierre Hardy
Jimmy Choo
Christian Louboutin
Alexander McQueen
Pictures Source: jakandjil.com


B. Son by Rebecca Beeson F/W 2009/10

On May 20, 2009 Rebecca Beeson showed her younger men's collection B. Son during L.A. fashion week. According to the designer, the theme of the showed was Japanese streetwear, but to me it looked more classic streetwear americana with an urban edge to it. I love the mix of the mock-neck jackets with the softness of the scarfs. The layering of knit cardigans over tees and sweaters looked very familiar but there is a sense of optimism in the clothes, even thought Beeson picked a somber palette for the collection. I particularly liked the white cardigan over a grey tee paired with the black jeans and the scarf, the murse and the sunglasses contribute to a more put-together look. I can't wait to see what Rebecca does for Spring/Summer 2010.

Amore Couture Preview

On May 16, 2009, The West Potomac fashion design department (Project Stitch Studio) will be showcasing their creations for the world to witness. Fortunately, I'm part of Project Stitch Studio and I truly feel lucky to be part of such group. My notion of fashion has quite changed after I been in this class for almost two years, it's just not about glamourous models walking down the runway and sitting front row (which I can do everyday), but it's also about the business, production, hard work and dedication. I been blessed enough to be part of high profile fashion shows such as Fashion Fights Poverty for example, which is a great charitable organization.
It has been hard work since the beginning to pull a collection together, from putting a mood/inspiration board together, finding the fabric, and constructing the clothes. It's definitely not as easy as I thought, it almost feels like I'm going to my 9 to 5 everyday, but we always have a blast in class, so that alleviates the tension and stress. Here I have a sneak peek of what's to come later on, enjoy...
model : Ashley Lawrence
styled by Ms Francois
shot by me!

Style Review: Project Stitch Studio

In the middle of Virginia, USA, a group of promising young talents go to a fashion design class directed by a nice lovely young lady called Maggy Francois (a.k.a Ms. Francois, Hello I'm Talking!!!). Our class is composed by many different kids, coming from near by schools around the area. There, we learn to sketch, make patterns, sew, and anything needed to succeed and make it in the cut-throat fashion industry, since it's a fashion class, the students supposed to be fashion-conscious and know what's hot!. Recently I brought my camera to do a photoshoot with Ashley Lawrence wearing few of the pieces that I created for our up and coming annual fashion show, so then I got my Sartorialist swag on and started asking people to pose for me, so I shot them in their getups, here the pixs...
I think Zahra is the one who takes most risks out of all of us when dressing, her style reflects her lifestyle and most likely her taste for music. I feel it's rock/biker chic with an edge. I liked her whole look right here, she's wearing a white polka dot top, purple jeans, black boots, embellished belt and neon zebra print bag.
Gurrrlllll! Tiffany, the most innocent girl in class, she likes to mix and match her clothes. I always say that black people always (most of the time) look good in white, it just goes well with our color skin, there is no question about that. Tiffany is rocking her stunnas shades, cropped white blazer, red top, wide leg jeans and flats.
Ruby is one of the best dressed girls at any school. I like her whole look, her style is always on point. I feel it has a balance between simple and somewhat edgy at the same time. Ruby is wearing a floral printed top, a black cardigan, jeans and metallic flats.
Maleana, the undiscovered top model always looks good, because one she has the height and two because she has great taste. She definitely has an retro 80's vibe, which works for her well enough. Maleana is wearing an oversize grey cardigan, volcom tee, pink skinnies and silver flats.
Maleana's bff, Janae stays sexy, her style kind of resembles her bff, a retro/modern approach to fashion. She's wearing a short black jacket, pink top, grey skinnies and pink all-stars.
Ashley is everywhere, she's eclectic, modern, funky, and always chic. She's wearing a dark high-tech jacket, jeans and black uggs.
I like the fact that everybody has a different take on fashion and they bring something different to the table, isn't that what fashion is?. At the end of the day, people, by nature, put on what they feel and what they think looks best, that diversity is what truly makes the fashion industry so interesting, at least to me... For more info on us visit, projectstitchstudio.com