Beware, Smoldering Rodarte "Creatures" Ahead

Rodarte Fall/Winter 2010/11

Before I continued on with Milan, I must make a momentarily pause and enlighten your day with this post. If you follow fashion in a non-label-whore, non-pretentious kinda way, you might have seen the Rodarte show in New York about a week ago or so. Aside from the always cogitative presentation and ethereal clothes, the footwear this season (not that any other season was mediocre) was more cerebral than ever before. Flipping carelessly through runway pictures from the show may have cause you to initially miss these amazing little creatures that the models had on, but if you take a closer look and attempt to fathom what these creatures are, the thought of "wait a minute" may have crossed your mind at some point. The talented Tommy from JakandJil, captured these otherworldly creatures at their most dormant state (see below). I don't want to use the terms "heels" or "stilettos", since they seem like a understatement, so I guess I'll keep using the term creatures, were designed by one of the most imminent shoe visionaries in the business, Nicholas Kirkwood, so ladies (and gays) if you're not familiar with this name, you must get on the bandwagon NOW.

The shoes are so creatively put together, thus making it difficult to put them into words. The design features such intricate details such as these straps of suede wrapped around the toes; white, dusty purple and black leather panels on the side with triangular cut-outs, these cheeky miniature corsets at the front (which are better view on the above pictures); faux-croc leather at the ankle; and the sickest idea ever, melting candle wax on the heels. I mean these creatures are seriously on a different level. I don't know yet what's the retail price, but if I was a girl, or a fashionable tranny, I'll be kissing Nicholas and the Rodarte sisters their feet (ewww I can't believe I just wrote that, but you get the idea) for such wondrous gifts. 


Pictures: style.com, jakandjill.com

Versace Likes a Biker Chic

Versace FW 2010/11
The looks are not necessarily in oder of appearance, trend or color-categorized, they sort of summarized the whole collection for me.

I know I'm so backed-up and I'm still trying to catch-up on all these fashion madness that people call fashion week/month. A few season ago, Donatella Versace, the figure image and the creative juices behind this italian brand showed a collection that looked sweetly innocent on the surface but if you took a closer look, it had a deeper message beneath it all; she played with zippers, transforming them into part of dresses or for decorative purposes such as displaying an intricate heart on the front on dresses. For this Fall/Winter 2010/11 season, Donatella envisages a women who adores her motorbike as much as she likes those leather pants -- don't get confused, she's still sexy, feminine and quite dangerous. Albeit this was a departure from last season, there were still quintessential Versace elements such as those vibrant, exotic colours, high-slit uber-sexy cuts, and flowy, sensual gowns we see so often on red carpets. The showed opened up with long coats, worn over shiny mini-skirts, floor-length dresses with zippers undone on one side revealing much leg cleave (love that term), and taut leather jackets and jeans with leather insets. 

There were no baroque prints this season, instead we saw a lot of cut-out shapes and techno fabrics, shown in minis and strapless little numbers. I love all the glitter and glamour but some of the evening short dresses did look a bit too retro for my taste. It just felt somewhat 60's/70's in terms of colour. A bunch of these night pieces do look overly designed and taste-questionable. One of these pieces (see picture right below, first dress from left) bared a long industrial zipper at the front, and a zig-zag inset on the hip area, which I thought were great starting points, but then the transition into modernity gets lost. This mixture of this shiny golden on the bottom and electric blue on the bust area just looks so contrived, almost as if they were not meant to coexist with each other. Besides all this superficial tackiness, I can envision these looks on a clutch of celebrities. I almost had a Lady Gaga moment when this dress right in the middle walked out, it just seems like it will fit her zany personality, let's pray to the fashion Gods she'll don it to one of her events.

I was also confused by all these slits and cut-outs placed so randomly in some of the dresses such as on one side of the neck, covering the shoulder and some with an ovular shape at the waist. The angular play with the clothes seem like an innovative enough idea to give the wearer some heigh and illusion, but there were times that I though the perverted plastic surgeons from Nip&Tuck with naive ideas about fashion hijacked the Versace studio and experimented with the designs. In that regard I thought this collection was a bit disappointing and callow.

The evening wear as a whole was hot, especially those goddess, come-hither gowns with all these embellishment on the chest area, thus making the models sort of look like superheroines. It just seems like if Batman and Wonderwoman had a child, these are the type of gowns she'll be wearing on her series (using your vast imagination, just probably add an eye-mask, gloves and a whip and she'll be set to whoop some butt, in a very glamorous, Versace way). In this case, the deep purple, turquoise-aqua and mustardy-yellow on each gown respectively look super modern and sophisticated that I'll be surprised if I don't see them in upcoming Hollywood events.

This collection has left me intrigued to see what Donatella is going to do for next season, I like this new route she's directing this brand. It's sort of shunning away from obvious tackiness and propelling towards slowly building this relatively new identity for this woman, catering to her demands and necessities, but never loosing the sexiness and sensuality.

Instead of just reading my rambling, you could've watch the whole show below, but since you love me so much you had to do that, I know.

Photos: newyorkmagazine.com


Haute Tension

Numero Magdalena from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

I know fashion week is on full-throttle force right now, but I really wanted to do this post before I began musing on the Milan and Paris collections. Haute Tension is the title for this editorial shot by renowned photographer Greg Kadel, styled by Brian Molloy and featuring one my favs on the catwalk Magdalena Frackowiak for the March issue of Numero. I was never fond of reading this magazine since my local Barnes and Noble does not carry that type, but I wished it did. I been familiar with it's editorials popping on different blogs, but I have never seen them on print. This story for instance has a very strong attitude, it has a bit of a Helmut Newton vibe with a Rodarte/Givenchy type of ferocious women. Hence the black and white striped jacket from the S/S 2010 collection. There are so many things to note about this strong editorial, one being the model and her poses, she looks in touch with the ambience and sure of herself, very confident yet feminine. I love the fact that the pictures are in black and white thus emphasizing the attitude of this editorial. 

The video clip above features tidbits of behind the scenes of this editorial, so hot. I wished photographers (or their assistants) would attempt to do these type of videos more often. If you're like me, I like to know everything, every detail, from how the model's performance is to how the photos are coming along. It's very crucial for a magazine to print the right pictures for its readers, therefore attention for details is primordial.

The cover of the March issue of Numero #111 features Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Solve Sundsbo. In my opinion this is not the best cover shot feasible, it just looks so blah, but they managed to score some fashion points. This little number from the Dior S/S 2010 collection does capture one of the biggest trends for next season, underwear as outerwear. The girl looks sexy enough, but I'm afraid to say it's missing that extra "uff" that's going to make me dash to the nearest magazine stand and fight for one issue. Other than that, it looks pretty ok.

Pictures: fashiongonerogue.com


Crystal Couture 2010: The Good, The Bad And The Unmentionable

On Thursday the 4th of February I had the chance to attend one of many shows that Crystal Couture was throwing off. For those of you that don't know what I'm referring to, Crystal Couture is a week-long celebration of fashion business and emerging designers in the DC metropolitan area. This convivial gathering was held at Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. This years theme was "Wild, Sexy, Fashionable Fun!", which I read was chosen by popular' demand. The venue was extremely spacious, just think of it as an empty warehouse revamped to hold some of the most stylish people in the area. I got to the event more than 30 minutes late due to my irresponsible time management, on top of that Mother Nature just dumped 10'' inches of snow a few days before, so it was lovely timing. I was initially invited by a former teacher of mine to review her student's creations exclusively made for this event. Francois (which I'd like to call her, but Maggy to you) is the director at Project Stitch Studio in Alexandria, Virginia. This program, which I had the privileged to be part of for two years, facilitates and trains young adults from surrounding high schools with the needed skills to enter the competitive jungle that is the fashion business. These kids are trained (just like I was) with a variety of tools and techniques that will enable them to pursue their fashion dream. The class curriculum includes; garment construction, pattern making, fabrics, fashion history, techniques on creating a cohesive collection and much more. Along with the hard work comes the payoff, in a form of a filed trip to NYC, in order to explore more deeply the fashion industry. In retrospect, this trip in a way, serves as a wake-up call, it sort of widens your eyes and slaps you with the reality of the situation. It makes you realize and ponder about the sacrifices and dedication one must put in in order to get out what you want. then fashion becomes less of playing dress up with Barbie and more about making a living out of it and doing what you love. Now this comes into play, passion can take you places, but will it be enough to literally give up your life for the position you always desired? This is one factor that will make many doubt about entering into the lion's mouth, and most importantly coming out alife, if you know what I mean.

One more thing I must also add about this wonderful program is that it completely changes your initial naive ideas about what fashion really means, especially for those who are interested in pursuing a career on the field. Let's say for those who aspire to become some fabulous designer, the idea of preparing a fashion show seems to be a walk in the park with your chihuahua? it's not. The seniors students must present a rather small but cohesive collection by the end of program, obviously using those skills acquired throughout the two-year program into designing, constructing and presenting their collection. This year the show would be held around March, the date has not been set up yet, but I'll keep you posted on any updates.

Once I get there late as ever, I started getting this redolent feeling from last year's event. These nostalgic images are, let's just say are not my best moments in public. By the end of the nigh I suffered a small accident backstage and had to be ushered out the venue and get driven home by some caring friends. I don't think I'll ever be thankful enough for taking care of me that day. I felt somewhat special that day, so thank you guys.

Moving on, as I walk in I feel the vibe and the atmosphere is filled with glamour and joy. There were vendors stations settled around the venue showcasing their clothes and jewelry. There was also this make-up area where folks could get their face painted like some feline, or exotic creature. Then what I like the most was the runway set up. Unlike the one last year, this time the catwalk seem rather longer and more thought-out. The beautiful drapes adorning the back and the two flat screen tv's at each side of the runway, made the presentation much more believable and it looked like there was more effort put into it. The catwalk was conjured up in the prominent side of this warehouse, where everybody could see, thus giving a sense of importance, playing a major character rather than being outshine by the surrounding vendors. Moreover, this place sort of mimicked what was taking place out there. The pale grey high ceilings and the bare walls sort of depicted our current economic climate while the industry is displaying an optimistic and positive face to the matter. This event felt like a manifestation of an affluent fashion capital rather than a crude rendition of an struggling fashion industry.

I was more than delighted to reconnect with some of my friends that I've slightly lost touch with. It was great seeing almost everybody enjoying themselves and sharing a moment of joy. We laughed, we caught up and gave each other our usual complements on how we look. "I like your scarf" I said to one girl and then she replied scanning my entire ensemble from head to toe, "I like your whole outfit", I just smiled back.

Nick (in purple plaid), Oscar (in black pleather jacket) and me acting a foo

All of the sudden in a moment of confusion, I turned my head and see a pair of semi nude models posing for the camera standing in this cube-shaped pew. The guy was wearing nothing but some olive-green briefs, fingered-painted head-to-toe displaying an imagery of cannibalism, standing next to him was this young woman with her face smeared with white paint, feathers adorning her hair and wearing something that looks out of The Lion's King movie. Intrigued by the look, I later approached them expecting to hear an amusing story for their provoking display of panache.

"What are you guys suppose to represent" I ask them.
The girl answered, "I'm an exotic bird" and then I said looking to the guy, "and you?".
"I don't know", he replied, "this is my first time", sounding somewhat nervous.
The girl adds, "you suppose to be an African warrior" they looked unsettled, but I added.
"How long did it take you to get the whole thing done?", 45 minutes she replied.

I nicely said thanks and just walked towards a front-row seat, but then I thought, "How are you prancing around in some indigenous costume and not know what you're representing? Why waste your time getting your privates air-brushed and your face painted, while some poor guy spent almost an hour on the floor trying not to miss a spot for no reason? How sad, it was just a waist of time, I hope next time, these people know what the hell they're doing. And if they were hired to promote some type of product, they miserably failed.

As I mentioned before, I was late for the West Potomac presentation, but I got a glimpse of one of the looks shown. This strapless cocktail dress with a printed silk skirt (shown below) designed by Latasja Rousey looked like the right dress for sexy nigh out dancing, or a romantic dinner with a lover. It seemed like it had a young and hip attitude without being so unmatured and tacky. It was just simply gorgeous, though the red tulle underneath was not necessary. I can't wait to see her collection in a few months and I hope to see this dress in the lineup.

The first presentation I saw was by Toucan Boutique, the name alone sounded exotic, clothes that would come  from some place in the Caribbean or even the Amazon and tweaked to cater to more metropolitan consumerism. There were all sorts of day dresses in shades of deep purple and blue, with metallic accents on shoes. They were perfect options for any summer day. Then we saw Dress Barn, I felt there was a mix of day and evening dresses, but what stood out were these shift belted dresses with multicolored prints, such as green, turquoise and black. I just loved the classic silhouettes with a strong color choice, the looks seemed wearable and appropriate enough for work.

After that we saw Bernos, a t-shirt line with a strong emphasis on tradition. The t-shirts that came down the runway were festooned with hints on African culture. A few of them emblazoned "Made in Africa" signs, an outline of Africa with a barcode in the background, and tribal shields in others. There was obviously a sense of patriotism here, but in a way, it was also secluding. It was targeted for those with an African background, which historically we all do, but it left the rest out. I wished the message had a much wider receptiveness. Regardless, I got the chance to talk to Dawit Kahsai, the owner and designer of Bernos. I asked him about the idea behind his line, he said, "I really love a unique t-shirt, but it was hard to find them representing Africa". He also added, "I wanted something that would showcase Africa in a positive way". This method Dawit chose to radiate that positivism and optimism of his mother-land through his line felt so naive and sincere, I bought it. I then asked him about his creative process, he told me he first brainstorms ideas with his business partner who is a graphic designer, then they choose what they like and then it goes to printing. He also told me that he wanted to stick with what he knows, "we wanted to stay with t-shirts, but we're also getting more requests for kids". Though I like the focus on a single product and then branching into another territory, I also admired his ambitiousness, "we just don't want to be known as a t-shirt line, but as a brand".

The models did not just strutted their stuff half naked wearing Bernos t-shirts but the tops were accompanied with some hot denim. Blind Addiktion is a relatively new brand that promises to impose it's importance on material and detail, thus placing it's aesthetic above the rest. There was a range of sorts. One of the first girls that walked out was wearing this light washed high-wasted piece that looked amazingly good on her since she possessed the legs to do them duly justice. There were also dark-washed options, ripped or distressed and even slim blacks. After the presentation I went to talk to Christopher Grace, the brains behind BA. I caught him tweeting away, seating on a table next to where his jeans were delicately displayed. While he was addressing his virtual duties I managed to get a few words from him. Chris told me his brand focuses on the fit, quality and material, evident by just brushing your hands onto one of his jeans. There was also a strong emphasis on details as well, such as the stitching. "It forms an "A", and it accentuates a girl's ass", he uttered while pointing to the backstitching on the backpocket on one of his jeans. Moreover, I was curious to learn about the price point, taking into account the high quality denim material and keen attention to the details, my mind was around $100 range, but then he said, "it starts from $150 to $175". I finally asked him on the availability of his gear, he told he's looking at different shops on U-street and some spots in NY. It felt great reconnecting with Chris after we lost touch for sometime now, I first met him when his designs were on paper, and his website was nonexistent. Now his creations are coming into life and he's slowly building up his brand. I can truly see the potential behind his craft, and I really hope one day to see his clothes on Bergdorf Goodman's racks, or even showing in New York Fashion Week.

Moreover, there were also sings of those long-awaited summer days on the runway. Belafigura, introduced as "thoughtful swimwear" showed something relevant amid all these designers that had no sense of direction. A trio of girls comes out; two of them wearing one-pieced suit with ruffles cascading down the edges in purple and black, the other wearing a similar version in white, there were also hooded jersey tops worn with cheetah print skirts. It seemed like the brand wanted to explore a thing with ruffles, evident by this side-ruched one-pieced with ruffles protruding on the front. This whole swimsuit minicollection felt so out of place when the pavement outside was flooded with piles of snow, but it was refreshing enough to get a glimpse of summer even if it was for 3 minutes.

Ibhana Creations seemed to be evoking women who prefer reservation rather than sophistication. Right from the start, the clothes looked heavy and outdated. The collection was composed primarily of long sleeved print dresses done in silk with leaves motifs. The shades of earth-tone present on every dress did not add any sensibility nor positivism to the clothes, these type of garbs are definitely targeted to a women who is not under 25.

Nido, in the other hand, had a hipper younger audience in mind. I have never heard this brand, but it sounded like some underground rock band, and that seemed to be the underlying theme behind this brand. There were cropped pleather jackets, super tigh shimering pants with side zippers at the hem, embroidery tops and graphics tees with baroque prints, some had an 80's Miami vibe and others showcased Andy Warhol's pop art. The standout piece from this collection was perhaps this black tank dress with a feathered-skirt (see two pictures above), it exuded such sexiness and commerciality that all the girls watching the show letted out a scream suggesting a moment of intense crave.

The climax of the night was when Craze Camelon Studio made it's presence felt on the runway. The first girl out setted the tone for the rest of the collection. She comes out seductively swaying, nonchalantly dragging her feet, wearing this linen shredded sack dresses underneath this flesh-colored bodysuit, her haired looked rather messy with a leaf perched at the top. As the show went on, the look became more primitive; one model came out in a cheetah print belted halter top dress with the lower back out, revealing much of her derriere; other in a loosen knitted fish net tops; and one of the last girls looked like as if she gathered up a swath of fabric and wrapped it against her body, exuding an image of cannibalism. The reference back to prehistory seemed like a compelling story, thus giving a great show with a strong sense of direction. It was great to watch a designer putting on a collection with such confidence on her stance, though most of her clothes were not wearable, they told a story and engraved a lasting memory in many of the attendees. 

Around the end of the night I spotted these models backstage ready to step on the runway wearing Nido motorcycle jackets. Soon a naughty image past through my head, but I managed to keep a serious face, though my body temperature started slowly raising up while these guys walked across the runway. The next day for some odd reason, the dude on red asked me why I posted a picture of him on facebook, unbeknown to me he was the guy I saw on the runway, I never realized that was him, we started talking, but that was it, what happens next would be posted in another future post (if ever). And btw if you know the other two, leave me a message or shoot me an e-mail, business purposes only! Find more pictures of the show here.


What I Want For V-Day

In Vogue: The Illustrated History of The World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine, $69.00
(I know I'm late, but I been craving for this book, I'm getting it once I cash my check).

Balenciaga High Top Trainers, $591.30
(I'm not sure if Pierre Hardy deigned this multi-textured lace up high trainers, but I want this on my feet).

House of Versace: The Untold Story of a Genius, Murder, and Survival, by Deborah Ball, $17.16
(I have read so many juicy details about the book one of them being that Mr. Versace and his then boyfriend used to bring over boys so they could have their way with them, I'm don't know if this is completely true. Nevertheless, I need to get this book on my hands asap).

Dolce &Gabbana Gym, Puerto Rican Gym Top, $223.56
(I'm not Puerto Rican, but whatever)

Paul Smith Canvas Hodall, $385.56
(I'm not a huge PS fan, but this is literally the coolest bag out there).

Balenciaga Collarless Leather Jacket, $4,317.30
(This jacket is so out of my means, but if you want to become my future "Sugar Daddy" then purchasing me this jacket is a great way to start).

I was never a huge wish-list fan, but since everybody is getting so dovey-lovey, smoochy-smoochy, I decided to put up some things that I really wanted for Valentines. I'm single, mind you, but I'm still looking for that special someone. Hopefully I get at least one out of all these things. (Currently accepting applications)

Hippos Can Be Sexy After All

When I watched it for the first time, I was dying laughing, the whole Sumo wrestling thing he's wearing is kinda weird, but it makes for a good laugh. My favorite part is when he bends over and starts shaking his ass, I might just try that at the club next time.


Thoughts on Football And Fashion

It's sort of strange to live in a place where your ideas dissent from the rest. When an opinion on a subject that has been cultivated in the American culture for decades seems so heinous, causing eye brows to raise and heads turn the other direction suggesting a sign of disgrace or dismay. I have found myself in various occasions where folks looked at me as an outsider just for the single fact that my interest for football is minimal. In the past, many have suggested that I had African-American roots (hence that I "must" be interested in the sport) when those roots have actually been firmly planted at the bottom of the continent. Like I mentioned before in other posts, I was borne and raised in Peru, but people keep assuming I'm African-American, and even worse I have to deal with all the negative connotations that comes along with the title. Let's be clear, I have no negatives feelings towards my brothers, in fact, partly the majority of my friends are black and/or have an African-American background. I don't have a dilemma with that, but the things that gets me, is that folks assume something from a pre-conceived notion. The same goes with my sexuality, stop assuming that I sexually gravitate towards the female type, and in top of that act like as if I'm cool with the situation. I'm open with my sexuality, though its nobody' business who I sleep with. But anyways...this topic needs another post for it to be properly address. Moreover, folks are accustomed to assume things for whatever reason. I'm not sure if it's fear to ask, or that they probably feel it's none of their business, but when it comes to something so delicate and so debatable, I feel like the need to comprehend someone's else perspective is primordial.

Zuzana Gregorova by Aitken Jolly, fashiongonerogue.com

I have been raised with a tradition of sports and competitiveness, but football was never installed on me. However, I've learned to adapt and accept the sport as a major moving and influential force when I first stepped on American soil and called it my second home. My paltry interested in the sport, I guess, have turned some folks away from me suggesting that is the only common linkage between me and them. I mean, I have made some amazing friends while I was in school, but between us, I think there was rarely ever a talk about football if my memory doesn't betray me. I don't loath the sport, but I just find it a bit disengaging from my point of view, I could sit and watch a game for very few minutes and then turn and start amusing myself doing something else. I'll even watch the highlights on ESPN of some game that I was not remotely aware of that possibly took place last night, but I'll watch. Now my attention is not directly fixated on how many touchdowns some (running-back?) has managed to achieved, but I'll rather focus on how good the players look. I mean, there are a bunch of talented men on the NFL, who seem to posses some uncanny athletic abilities who manage to catch a ball in midair or even run such yards with no apparent difficulty. There is no a doubt that football is one of the most athletically and mentally demanding sports ever played, thus requiring a certain type of man to fully display those skills on the field. The NFL is composed with some of the sexiest men out there, I mean what's hotter than a hunky running at full speed, aggressively tackling their opponents, groaning from the pain, wearing some tight pants that accentuates their beautiful protrudent derriere. I mean if this doesn't turn you on, then there must be something wrong with you.

Alexander Wang  2010 Spring/Summer, style.com

As I'm sure you're complete aware of, today the biggest if not the biggest sporting events in the country will be occuring down south. I must confide that I didn't know which teams we're contending for the coveted tittle just 'til a few days ago. "Oh!", I mumbled, when I found out that the teams were; New Orleans Saints and the Colts, who I become a bit familiar just because on the side of their helmets horse's hoof is emblazoned, which is kinda cool. Fashion is not the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of football, but more like brutal barbarians. This contact sport is not as glamorous as, let's say, figure-skating or women's tennis. Though there is nothing fashion-y about it, the industry is embracing it's rather tough approach. Back in September, Alexander Wang showed a collection of utilitarian, sporty clothes with an edge of urban street referring to football and American heritage as inspiration. The presentation felt so feminine that the clothes never seemed that they were inspired by such male dominated activity. Though, there was one model who came out wearing lace-up caramel colored leather shorts, carrying what looks lo be a deflated football bag and leatherheads cap with the top cut out. It was just the strongest collection Alexander Wang had sent out up to date.

Leatherheads (2008), directed and starring George Clooney

I don't promise you I'll be watching the game, but I'm sure going to peep Bush.


A little Calvin Klein treat on a winter night

I don't know if you been paying attention to the news, but us on the east coast of the country, we been swarmed with 20' to 30' inches of lovely snow. I know to some folks this gives them an extra excuse to watch some old flicks and drink hot chocolate, but for me, not so much. I'm not a winter type of person, though I enjoy layering. Regardless, I try to look at the positive side of Mother Nature's bitchiness. The best part about a snow day is that when you peep outside your window, you see this pure white layer of snow covering the noise of the streets, I just love the quietness that takes over the outdoors, it almost makes me think that there is not a single soul out there, when I perfectly know my city is overpopulated with asians, though I love them.

So let me get to the point of this, I was browsing trough wwd.com a few days ago and I noticed these sexy pictures on one of their articles and eureka!, the Fashion Gods saved the day once again. I thought this would be a perfect time to make a post about this matter, because all these snow that has indirectly taken me hostage on my place is making me feel somewhat useless, so at least looking at these pictures would at least lift your spirits and rekindle your naughty fantasies. 

We all been bombarded with ad campaigns and billboards of semi-naked dudes grabbing their crotch or laying in top of women suggesting it was a soft porno movie set, expect with better looking people. This time, as usual, the Calvin Klein team brings out a new underwear line titled "X", featuring "Calvin Klein" in capital letters and a big patch with the logo on the center front. The "X" line attempts to lure a more varied demographic market, therefore, these provoking pictures would launch later this month in Asia, Europe and America. The campaign shot in New York by photographer Mikael Jansson features four different men from four different backgrounds; American actor and Twilight's hunk, Kellan Lutz, who is also rumored to have a more active role in "Eclipse" coming out later this year; "True Blood"s eye candy Mehcad Brooks, aka my future ex; Hidetoshi Nakata, one of Asia's most popular soccer players, who sits front-row at fashion shows, earning him the title the "Asian David Beckham" (that supposed to be compliment); and last but not least, Fernando Gonzales, one of Spain's top tennis player, and one of my favorites to watch on the court. 

I been lately saying this and it's obviously happening, the industry is becoming more receptive of non-traditional looks, so who is to blame the CK team to cast these men who supposedly have nothing in common besides their ridiculously good looks to become the face (or body) of "X". I can already foresee masses of testosterone rushing the CK store so they could get their hands on these cotton undergarments and women everywhere (and some men as well), staring lasciviously at the images on some glossy magazine. After all, that seems to be the purpose of these things; look, crave and buy.

Photos: wwd.com


Kelly is kinda Fierce

I had a chance to catch up Kell On Earth on Bravo (Watch what happens!) a few days ago, and I love it, although the show has received some negative press, I like the fact that the show depicts the true reality of the PR fashion industry, aka the unglamorous side; sitting on a desk for like 15 hours in gym clothes and yelling at interns and whatnot for not properly doing their assigned tasks, technical malfunctions and kicking out a photographer who shot "first looks" at some hot Spanish designer named David Delfin during fashion week when he was warned no to, celebrities "hookers" sitting front row at a show, then getting fired for it, getting your nails and feet did at your workplace since you don't have time to do "regular" stuff, and furiously cussing at one of your employees because of a printer does not work efficiently, it' all good at People's Revolution. "We are like a wacky family" Kelly's comments about her team that seems so untrained, half the people there can't labor over the most innocuous things, and it already looks like someone is about to have an emotional break down and we're not even half way through the season yet, how wonderful!

By the end of the first episode one girl couldn't print out the seating chart for the Chado Ralph Rucci show, thus infuriating Kelly, "we're totally f$%k". Hopefully, they'll get it together and in Tim Gunn's word, "make it work!" One of my favorites things that came out Kelly's mouth was...


which is also the tittle for her new book she just released, I kinda like it, I might start saying it from now on.
 "I'm not mean, but I'll say mean things to you, for sure". And finally don't forget to catch the "wacky family" next monday at 10/9c p.m. at your gayest channel, because Kelly is watching you...just see below.