Dressed For Battle

Unbeknownst to me, a few days ago a friend of mine confessed to me that he suffers from bipolar disorder. My immediate reaction was "Are you sure?", then he confirmed with a nod. (Actually his son suffers from the same disorder as well). I have never perceived one of his mishaps or mood-swings, probably because I haven't been around him for that long, but he's a fun dude to be around. He's a bit "experienced", but possess a young spirit, he just lifts me up, and that's one the reasons we clicked. Coincidently, I came cross this editorial spread shot by Paola Kudacki for the February 2010 issue of Vogue Nippon (Japan), featuring Missy Rayder and Kendra Spears, seemingly with the same concept at hand.

The editorial titled "Dressed for Battle" focuses on the militant duality portrayed by these two women. Standing at different extremes, Missy looks rather fragile, innocent, and slightly sensible. In the other hand, Kendra reminds me a bit of Hitler; authoritarian, austere and crude. But what Aurora Sansone, the stylist on duty, attempted to illustrate was the reality of the situation. I think she thought about what the world is going through right now and how each woman would dress according on their standpoint on the war. Missy looks very simple and polished, accessorized with see-thru bangles and necklaces, while Kendra with a much manish updo takes a more risky approach, evident by that Gucci ensemble, displaying an open back blazer and cut-out skinny pants. 

I'm still a bit bewildered to witness so much war references after the 2010 Spring/Summer season, especially in Paris. A bevy of designers seem to still be fascinated with utilitarian clothes and somehow they manage to reform such austere elements into something more approachable and sensitive. I know I'm getting side-tracked here since this topic is somewhat provocative and could be expounded for miles, but that's going to take place on a different post. Enjoy the pictures!

Photos fashiongonerogue.com


Christopher's Tees

Remember those ubiquitous crocodile-print dresses form Christopher Kane for Topshop that were released on September? The ones that were seen on dozens of Brit-fashion-editors during Paris and London fashion week a few seasons ago? Well, if you know what I'm talking about, stay with me, if you don't, click here. Arguably, this line of T-shirts that Kane collaborated with Topshop, along with his main fashion label titled under his name, shown during London fashion week, have successfully gained him new mass-market appeal and devotees everywhere. Thereby Kane became an overnight sensation in London, and mainstream America, every girl wanted to get a piece of the cake.

"I came across these images of nuclear test explosions from the fifties to the seventies on the Internet. I like the crazy-bright chemical colors. The way they're sinister but beautiful." He reveals to Sarah Mover from style.com, concerning the behind inspiration for his 2010 Pre-Spring collection. And those images seem to be the starting point for his new T-shirt line. Although I just seen one of his samples, this cloud-print jersey tee gives his followers a glimpse of what's to come.

Christopher Kane cloud-print jersey t-shirt

The T-shirt business has been a productive medium for high-end designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Dsquared to launch their brand to a pool of budget-friendly customers, who can't exactly afford one of their $2,000 frocks or $900 stilettos. I mean, Who doesn't own a tee? whether if it's from American Apparel, Fruit Looms or YSL. The t-shirt it's just one of the most iconic, practical pieces of clothing any fashion follower or non-fashion individual could own. It's also valid to add that tees are the easiest to sport, probably after the underwear. You just put it own, pair it with some jeans and you are out the door, voila!. Well this doesn't really happen in every case, but it would be nice enough for everybody to look decent in t-shirts and jeans (Can you imagine Karl Lagerfeld in such ensembles???) don't wait standing.

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but this Christopher Kane tee retails for $265 on net-a-porter.com.

Photo net-a-porter.com

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I posted a couple days ago a different song form Major Lazer, but this song is on replay on my Ipod, can't stop listening to it, especially that drums beat, it just pumps me up. And the beat is just sick, makes me wanna vomit.
(A remix of this song was played during the Alexander Wang S/S 2010 show, just so you know)

Alexander Wang S/S 2010

Isn't this varsity jacket with the A inscribed on it, so kick-ass?

Photo style.com


Natasha Shuts it Down for Vogue Russia

The 2010 January cover of Vogue Russia is already on the run as one of the top covers of the second decade of the 21st century. Well at least in my imaginary fashion race, but it counts. The captions reads "Beauty Above All" and that's exactly what Natasha Poly exudes. She has this ethereal type of beauty that is not very common in runway models (not to mention she possess one of best walks out there, let's just say she could potentially give Naomi a run for her money). The lighting  shining down from above just makes her look rather fragile, just as if an all-mighty, divine force has send her down to earth in order for the rest of us to be delighted and slightly bewildered by her gorgeous features. In another note, I feel like this cover also glorifies women, discreetly putting woman on a pedestal and man just have to bow down to their presence. It sounds a bit feminist, but I think the world have experienced enough machismo.

In the same issue, Natasha is also feature in a 10-page spread editorial shot by legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier and styled by one of the best image-makers (and one of my favorites, I may add) in the business, Panos Yiapanis. The story features some of the most mesmerizing pieces from the Pret-a-porter Fall 2009 season, including designs from top houses such as Givenchy, Balenciaga and Nina Ricci. I'm glad to see that the hair and make-up is kept to a minimum, almost nada, just so the eyes focuses on the amazing styling. It could've gone turgid and trite, but the photographs came out beautifully. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

Kudos to the Vogue Russian team, especially to the editor-in-chief, Aliona Doletskaya.

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Santa is Such A Bad Boy


Photo: fashiongonerogue.com

That Wang Jacket

I was reading this blog last night and it mentioned that Net-a-porter was having tons of Alexander Wang sales for this holiday season. I was already aware that this particular website only carries women designer's apparel, but my thirst for curiosity impulsed me get on it and just check out what they had on sale. I immediately clicked on Alexander Wang and a few of his clothes listed under his label were sold out, gone. Well, this is logical, the guy has been making waves on the industry in the last few years for his urban/edgy approach amped up with a great dose of sophistication. I don't know if this is true, but I once read that his shoes were sold out even before they appeared on the runway, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but that just goes to show you how talented this guy is.

Alexander Wang 2009 Spring/Summer

While on his page, I immediately spotted this version from his 2009 Spring/Summer collection. This blue-denim printed suede biker jacket retails for $1,250 and some, including taxes, shipping and handling. I know the price is almost out of most people reach, but if you have the dough to purchase it, do it. One of the reasons I recommend this jacket is because it has a subtle versatility. On the editor's note, it indicates that one can remove the rib-knit sleeves and wear it as a vest, which is very convenient, in case it gets too hot. It also has this rocker-chic/downtown girl, "Don't f*ck with me" attitude, which I love.

This ubiquitous piece has been spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively. All that's left is perhaps for Madonna to wear it on one of her racy videos, or even to be on the cover of Vogue (oh well, that's a bit too delusional), but I think this jacket can add to a great editorial. I really like how they presented this jacket, paired with black skinnies, black heels and a simple white tee. It just works for me, maybe just a tad of jewelry for a touch of personality or even maybe switch the shoes for a Louboutin pair, it all just depends on the occasion and the wearer. For more hot finds check out net-a-porter.com.

Photos style.com, net-a-porter.com


Gucci By The Pool...Again

I'm a huge Gucci and Frida Giannini aficionado. I been following the brand since Tom Ford was the helm of the house and Carine Roitfeld functioned as art director to their ad campaigns, which were arguably as influential as their runway shows (shaved G pussy, anyone?). Fast forward a few years, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photographed one of my fav superhotmodels Natasha Poly along with male model Ryan Kennedy for the 2010 Spring/Summer ad campaign. This time around, the approach is still sensual, young and very posh but the raw sexual tension we seen in the past years from different Italian designers have gradually decreased in other to appeal to a larger, more naive consumer basis, and that seems to be a smart step, especially in this fastidious recession. 

The first thing I noticed beside the fashions, were those vibrant, rich hues from the background, which only successfully contribute showcasing the gorgeous designs from Frida. It only makes me want to take a vacation there. I can already picture myself chilling alongside the pool with my Gucci swintruck on, sipping on Sobe and appreciating such great scenery...but now back to reality. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that this campaign brings me nostalgic images from the 2010 cruise campaign. In both campaigns, the models appear to be lounging by the poolside, "rubbing it in your face" the latest "it" bag of the moment. To me, it just feels like a continuation from Pre-Spring, I wished I saw something more radical, perhaps something more bionic, high-tech, that is more coherent to the collection. A shoot by the pool can turn very banal, no?

Regardless, these pictures do exude this upbeat, young-spirited Gucci consumer that Frida has been talking about after her runway shows. And I just want be one of them.

Pictures: fashiongonerogue.com


Stefano and Domenico Still Getting Dirty

While attempting to find something substantial to write about, I find myself on YouTube, reviewing the Dolce and Gabbana Men 2010 Spring/Summer collection for literally the 50th time now, by the middle of the show I get directed to their new official YouTube channel, which recently served (and still does) as the medium for the whole world to witness their process and behind the scenes efforts towards their upcoming Women 2010 Spring/Summer show. In this case, the DG team uploaded two clips of the making of the ad campaign shoot of the aforementioned collection. Well, if you been a fan of the Italian duo, then you'll know that their ads are unlike others. Their models always seem to be fully charge with lust and sexual appetence, ready to either fight and ripped each other clothes apart or make passionate love all night long. In the past their ads have been considered so racy, to the point that they were banned in a few countries. This time, judging from the two clips, there still seems to exist that raw sexual appeal but it looks a bit toned down, something you feel more comfortable looking at without having some nasty, horny thoughts.

Steven Klein took the challenge to photographed Noah Mills, David Gandy, Sam Webb and Adam Senn in a studio located ironically in New York. The video notes indicates that the shoot was inspired by raw masculinity and Sicilian beauty, and it's logical enough to imply that the camping shoot would take place in Sicily, Italy. But it seems like a studio with a background that suggests a Spanish hacienda would do, and I'm ok with that.

Right off the back the set reminiscences a soft porno movie set, almost. The sturdy male models showing a lot of fleshy goodness look like they are having fun, as well as their assistants, (I'm sure hordes of gays would die just to be presence on the set).The highlights were David Gandy doing push-ups in his black speedos and Noah Mills getting cold water poured on. Can you just say, "Let's get it on!".

In this second clip, the boys have to play a part, something like a soup opera, and it was such a good idea to bring a world-class acting coach named Susan Patson, you can see this lady yelling directions at the models, almost like an angry mother when her kids don't listen to her. The highlights: David smashing the grapes with his fist, Noah in speedos, and wishing I possessed one of those black suits in my wardrobe.

Just to be fair, I'm not going to state any final decisions, but it already seems like the pictures are coming out hot and steamy.


Garner For W Magazine

Jennifer Garner is feature on the cover of January 2010 issue of W magazine, shot by Craig McDean and styled by Lori Goldstein. The stories "The Season's Sexiest Denim" and "Francisco Costa in Rio" sound very interesting. The only problem I have here is that the cover looks a bit too overcrowded, busy. And the font seems so large and pompous that just throws me back a lil bit. However, that does not take the shine away from the fabulous dress Garner arrays. I might be mistaking, but I'm sure this is a version from the Dior S/S 2010 collection. Nevertheless, she looks superb. I can't wait to get my issue.
Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010
Photo: models.com, style.com

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There seems to be two versions of this video, but the first one I saw for the very first time was this one above.The song is kinda genius, even though the video is a bit ludicrous, but I feel that was meant on purpose.

(Sidenote: If you were following Paris Fashion Week, a remix of this song was played during the Louis Vuitton 2010 S/S show, just so you know, enjoy!)


All Black Everything

I love this story shot by Britta Leuermann, featuring one of my fav male models Shawn Sutton. His feline eyes and tempting lips can hypnotize one to step in perilous territory, if you what I mean. In other words, the guy is just hot and that seems to be a good enough reason for Shawn to entice the new wave of talented, young black male models. This idea of combining the raw, street, urban lifestyle against something more high-end has been played out in gazillions of magazines, but I think in this editorial there is something extra. Perhaps it's clothes that exude this dark, almost gothic feeling with a great touch of sophistication. I particularly love this huge black fur coat with the Calvin Klein grey suit that is seriously on a different level. I bet Armani wished this was part of his oeuvre.
I need this suit!!!
I would wear this to prom, or a white house event, I'm sure Obama would approve.
This fur coat is literally outta of control and Shawn makes it look so good. Yummy!


Versace is Still Standing, Brightly

The super Milanese house of Versace, as numerous other fashion-based establishments are currently going through a temporary faltering phase, obviously due to the uncertain and gloomy state of the world economic status. But there are few who exude a buoyant attitude towards the future such as Miuccia Prada, who stated, "Optimism is a choice" after her Spring/Summer 2010 presentation. And Donatella Versace seems to share the same aesthetic. It's that optimism that Ms. Versace injected in her Pre-Fall 2010 collection.
For this season, Donatella produce a rather bantam collection supposedly referenced by Japanese flower motifs. Those were present all over long-sleeve body-con numbers in colors such as lime green and lipstick red. Yet again, this seems to be a season where designers are soft playing with textures, the deep dark purple leather trench against the smoothness of the printed dresses. Versace also made an attempt into making a statement with the bold accessories, the color-blocking bags with color-pompous boots certainly emphasized the rather optimistic mood of the collection.
In Addition, there were fetishistic super tight latex-thighs that exuded an extremely provocative and edgy attitude for this season, seemly targeted to those filthy-rich females (or sometimes gender-confused males) daring to show their wild side to their lovers, and I'm totally o.k. with that (that applies to those who can successfully pull it off). Moreover, this collection showed a subtle play on proportions with looks that consisted on high-belted strong-shouldered blazers accompanied with flirty minis, giving the illusion of longer legs, which I'm sure most women won't complain about, especially those who don't exactly look like Anja Rubik.
Photos by Style.com