Hot Posh Mommy

Mrs. Beckham is feature on V Magazine rocking the latest collection of her own line. I love the silhouette: lengthy, classic cut with an edge, which I love. I'm not sure if the babies were added to the shoot as a fashion accessory or if they represent her actual sons...
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The video is silly but I love it. It's almost like the perfect nerdy/urban/pop love song and I'm sure lots of people can relate to it. And don't get me started on the fashion...


Lily Geeks for i-D Magazine

The "Fun" issue of I-D Magazine features one of my favorite British pop stars Lily Allen. For the past few years she has been partly making headlines for her attire for than her music, but I still admire her relentless and careless attitude when it comes to her personal style, her ways of putting together an outfit that does not say "Hey, I'm another paparazzi-magnet celeb with no talent, who loves to flash out her crotch". Such mannerism is probably the precise reason the i-D editors decided to put Lily on the "Fun" issue. The spread was shot by Alasdair McLellan and styled by supermodel Kate Moss. I was not abruptly shocked when I found out Kate styled Allen for this shoot, Moss have been perceived as this style icon for several years, she established the trends and everyone followed, as this is when she was just a model. I love the fact they added one of my favorite T.V. characters Spongebob to the mix, I think he brings such unpretentious and silly attitude that he forces one to form a smile on one's face, I need to run and get my issue, and probably you too.
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Purple Magazine Pays Tribute To Helmut Newton

Don't panic, it's not porn, it's fashion. The industry has been historically a bit too obsessed with the photographers who ultimately capture a moment in time where it serves as a source for fashion aficionados to crave, dream and fantasize about the rather unique, misunderstood and creative qualities of fashion. Helmut Newton was one of those shot-makers who always told a story, conveyed a message or feeling through his rather controversial photographs. His take on the appreciation of women were sligthly complexed and mysterious with a seductive and provocative twist. The strong erotic, but tasteful imagery that Newton's photographs exuded certainly made an impact on today's top fashion insiders. I was reading an interview of editor-in-chief of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld on Acne Paper who mentioned, "My dream is to be a strong Helmut Newton woman." After reading the whole interview, who also feature a few of Mario Testino's photographs, I was rather perplexed at such humongous influence a photographer can posses over so many people who rule the fashion industry now-a-days.
In effect, it's not a surprise one of the greatest image makers of all times Karl Lagerfeld with the collaboration of editor Oliver Zahm felt like doing a small but rather significant tribute to his long time friend. In this case, he photographed one of his fav french sensations, Baptise Giabiconi for the latest edition of Purple Magazine. The spread is rumored to be 14 pages, filled with sexy, refined-tranny like pictures of Giabiconi in a pair of black stilettos and leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Newton created the Helmut Newton Woman and now Karl has created the Helmut Newton Man. I love the ambiguous idea this spread offers. I think there is this ironic feeling and contrast within the shoot, an athletic-built young dude rocking a pair of heels, and not to mention they look a bit too high.
I'm sure this spread would be in lots of folks' mouth in Europe. I'm aware the homophobia, closed-mindedness rates are high on the world, but there are those optimistic ones who embrace the idea of open-mindedness and free self-expression. And I believe this photographs just celebrate that.
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The Girl is Hot

I first noticed Emanuela de Paula in a Rosa Cha runway show a while back during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, I was literally mesmerized by her beauty and her walk is just flawless, but I haven't seen her since. The photographs above were recently posted on models.com and she caught my attention once again. This Brazilian hottie is signed to Maryling Modeling Agency and it's no surprised she's ranked #18 on the Top Sexiest Models. Below some of her work...
L'Officiel Brazil April 2009 Cover
Next Signature S/S 2009
Carlos Miele S/S 2009
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Eva For Numero

Even though I dislike the Blumarine collection, I love this strapless minidress, hot!.
Don't they say fashion is all about having fun, living the moment and being carefree?. That's the attitude Eva Herzigova exudes for the 2009 September issue of Numero Magazine. The spread titled "Nightclubbing" shot by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Capucine Safyurtlu features the Canadian supermodel and actress in glamorous, and uber sexy numbers that look ready to hit Ibiza. I love the whole feeling of the shoot, she looks like she's having a good time, but I'm not sure if this is before or after the drinks...just kidding. Regardless, I love the whole spread. Cudos!
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Bottega Veneta Men Spring/Summer 2010

"Heavy Cross" by The Gossip was playing the background while the well-kept models smoothly walked down the narrow runway revealing the latest creation by Thomas Maeir for Bottega Veneta. I thought for this collection, Mr. Maeir tried to visually narrate a story of this young American boy who is sent to this southeastern Asian country to perform a couple of different tasks, while in the process, he absorbs the culture and exchanges a few items of his wardrobe with the locals.
When asked about his collection for Veneta, Mr. Maeir responded, "It's a mix of formal with sporty casual clothes", he added, "I think it's a kind of way that men dress, we like the formal and we like the casual, it's comfort with the rigor, it looks good and it all works together, I don't think there is a reason that you have to go one way or the other." And I must conquer, guys these days (or at least myself) amalgamate different type of clothes in order to fit their character, style or mood. I'm not a fan of the idea of wearing a three-piece-suit everyday (even if it was Armani). Conversely, I would not want be walking around in t-shirts and five-pocket shorts everyday, so a great balance of both genres can make-up a substantial and stylish wardrobe.
The first look consisted of this crisp white shirt, this synthetic-like sand-colored pants with this super stylish lightweight baseball jacket, which I loved. It was certainly one of the key pieces of the collection. It's a very simple look but it stills demands respect. In addition, there were also tye-dye and knitted tops in vibrant hues such as magenta, international orange (that's actual the name I looked up), lavender pink and maroon. The exotic colored suits definitely made a strong statement on the runway. However, thought, I thought the suits were miscomplemented with these hideous purple socks displaying a small butterfly on the top front. The socks looked like something a five year old girl would pick out from Walmart, not hot. I just simply thought both elements did not work together, next. Continuing with the theme of the show, Veneta offered these beautiful leafs/flowers-printed oriental inspired zip-up jackets with matching pants or shorts. I thought if worn together, one can potentially look slightly too busy, but I like how Mr. Maeir dissected the look with simple solid tees and nice sporty jackets. The last three night looks consisted of two-button wide peak lapel navy suit jackets, patterned shirts, solid-colored ties and a great pair of denims. When I saw these looks walking down the runway, I wanted to stop them and snatch every single piece and ran to the nearest exit (Did I mention this could only happen in my wildest dream?).
What look a bit peculiar that caught my attention, but not necessarily in a good way was the fact that Mr. Maeir pruposely decided to send out the models in wrinkled bottoms. I'm not sure if that was part of the looks, but I'm sure they had at least an iron or a steamer somewhere backstage. I also noticed this quote on one the set walls that enclosed the runway show that said, "When your own initials are enough". Mr Maier explained, "It means that you don't need anything but yourself, It's your initials that are important, not any others." I thought that send a strong message right away and it went beyond fashion but life in general. I'm not sure if he was referring to the fact that people like to show off labels as if saying "I have more money than you", or if he was referring to the fact that people feel they must be accompanied whenever they want to accomplish a certain goal. Whatever it might be, I'm delighted to see that Veneta firmly stands for something they strongly believe in.
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Contributor Editor Sexs It Up

"Sex Is Not The Enemy" is tittle for the latest spread on Contributing Editor Magazine, shot by Joe Lally and styled by Kithe Brewster. The shoot also features of the hottest models in the industry one being Chad White and Kerry Degman. The story behind the spread seems to visually narrate the idea of foreplay, a tease, never looking so pornographic or revealing too much, leaving something to the imagination, just how I like it. Don't get me wrong, I Iove sex but I'm a bit overwhelmed at how much the industry is pushing sex, especially a handful of European publications. Needless to mention names, there are always editorials where models appear in complete nude, showing a bit of a nipple here, and some pubic hair there, but mostly done in a very tasteful, sophisticated, non-vulgar attitude. I understand sex sells, but sometimes the same topic can potentially look banal and boring. I wish editors would take the initiative to start experimenting with other different foreign elements that could possible work, well at the end of the day, that's what fashion is, trial and error.

For those curious ones, you can check the rest of the photos here.