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Vogue Nippon Gets Catty

Devon Aoki is feature in one of the editorial stories of Vogue Nippon shot by Camilla Akrans. This editorial is not striking me so much for the fashion but for the model. I love the fact, when you look at someone, in this case a model and you can't figure out what's their ethnic background, you may ask yourself, is she asian? european? caucasian? or all of the above?. Surprisingly enough, I learned that she's a new yorker, Are you serious!?!?!, to be brutally honest I'll never guess, but I can tell her family tress must be compose of a variety of races from all over the globe, which is pretty cool. I love diversity and that's what the fashion industry needs, more none-caucasian models in the cover of top magazines and feature in fashion-forward editorials and most importantly in runways, where they can showcase what they're working with. Am I the only one who feels this way???.
I believe, models like Devon have more versatility and longevity in the industry since they can easily transform themselves to fit the part into an editorial shoot, ad campaign, and fashion show. Their face complexion in particular can convey a strong message and reach more of a wider audience and that could possibly and positively affect the future of a designer's success or a magazine's sales. For instance, in this editorial, Aoki is playing the role of this naughty/stylish pussy-cat girl, who in a way may look very odd and creepy, but if you look at the other side of the spectrum, she can come across as sassy and seductive.
 The word if the day is...versatility, embrace it.
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Fresh New Face

Tank Magazine features up and coming Kangana Dutta on the cover of their volume 5, issue 7 shot by Tarun Khiwal. Dutta has also been in the cover of the first issue of Vogue India a while back, watch out for her in the future.
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Numero Korea Passionate Scenes

Sensual but not sexual were the first thoughts that popped up into my head when I came across this editorial shot by Mariano Vivanco for the Numero Korea May 2009 issue, featuring models Karmen Pedaru and Abbey Lee Kershaw. I love the deepness and effortless emotions coming from both models, it may sound cliche but you can almost see it in their eyes. I think that's pretty seductive, it catches your attention and makes you loose focus for a minute of the presence of the revealing garments and your focus goes straight to the penetrating sight coming from the model's rather mysterious look. 
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Missoni Spring/Summer 2009 Ad

I wasn't much impressed with the house of Missoni's current contribution to the rather crazy world of fashion until I witnessed the Missoni Women Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection showed at Milan fashion week. The showed definitely grabbed my attention from the first exit. The looks were well constructed, the fabrics were almost magical, and the styling was simply impeccable, but to criticize the whole collection would require a different blog, so back the main topic.
I first spotted the ad when I opened one of the latest issue of W magazine. It did not look expected, since I always used regarded Missoni as an "old-house", meaning not youth-friendly. However, the setting of the shoot changed the whole vibe of the campaign and in part of the brand, I mean the beach is not a setting where most relate to old citizens but young tanned kids enjoying of the breeze of the ocean and rays of the sun. Moreover, the silhouettes of the clothes do look quite fresh and modern with the Missoni twist to it. I love the vintage colors, it sort of reminds me of the colour palette my grandmother would wear on her summer days, but she probably would not specifically op for those pieces, since she has a more simple masculine approach to fashion. As you probably already know, Missoni is known for their rich, unconventional fabrics. Their textiles always stand out from the rest, and have manage to make their own imprint on the industry's history. The infamous micro intercalating waving or straight patterns that we see from season to season on the runway is also feature on the models' back. It almost accentuates the contrasting shades from the accessories and the clothes, to bring a cohesive and interesting image that evokes peace and tranquilly. On the styling note, the head-wraps do look somewhat or maybe a bit too much Prada Spring/Summer, circa 2007. It would have been interesting too see a different head-piece rather than just taking someone's else idea, but it somehow works harmoniously with the mood of the shoot. 
I wasn't expecting any less from legendary photographer, taste maker and fashion icon, Steven Meisel, who had the opportunity to shoot this innovative campaign. His eye for models, setting and lighting is unquestionably great, he obviously knows what works and what doesn't evident by these shots and other millions editorials/ads shown in multiple magazines such as French Vogue and V Magazine. The ad also features big hitters such as Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly and Mat Gordon.
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Covers x Editorials

Vogue Paris May 2009
Photographer: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin 
Model: Daria Werbowy
Vogue Paris May 2009: L'etoffe de la creation
Photographer: David Sims
Model: Karlie Kloss
Editor: Marie-Amelie Sauve
10 Magazine Summer 2009
Photographer: Richard Burbrigde
Model: Pamela Bermier
(This cover actually scared me for a minute)

Interview May 2009

Photographer: Nick Knight
Actor: Emma Watson
Vogue Homem Brazil May 2009
Photographer: Jannis Stipoulanis
Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Editor: Matheus Mazzafera
(My favorite cover!)
Arise May 2009
Model: Georgie Baddiel

Arise May 2009
Photographer: Michaela Rosatto
Model: Georgie Badddiel
Vogue España May 2009
Photographer: Paola Kudacki
Model: Carmen Kass

Vogue Russia May 2009
Photographer: Matt Irwin
Model: Carmen Kass

Numero Korea May 2009
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Model: Karmen Pedaru

Velvet May 2009
Photographer: Marcus Ohlsson
Model: Dewi Driegen

Vogue Russia April 2009
Photographer: Terry Tsiolis
Model: Carmen Kass
Entertainer: Lenny Kravitz
Pictures from models.com


Just Cavalli SS 09 Ad

I'm a huge Cavalli fan, and this is a great ad, the colors look a bit vintage/80's punk, but the styling is phenomenal; Just Cavalli: fresh, young, hip.


I don't care who this women is but that dress is just...unforgivable.

Teen Vogue Shoots in Peru

While I was walking down the magazine aisle at CVS the other day looking for a great editorial spread (actually, I was looking for a great substantial magazine besides Vogue), I picked up the May 2009 issue of Teen Vogue, which I don't usually read, since I think it's too unmature, childish and girly, but I did anyways to see the content (and it has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus, who happens to be in the cover), while flipping through the FOB and beyond I find the first page of the main editorial spread titled "World Traveler" and I immediately recognize the background and I go - Are you serious, this is Peru!!!. I was literally stupefied when I kept looking at the continuing pages. I couldn't believe the editors at Teen Vogue chose Cuzco (southern region of Peru) to shoot their editorial, I mean, I'm sure there were lots of options besides Peru, they could have chosen any other South American country with similar landscape such as Bolivia, Ecuador or even they could have done the shoot at home.
To be brutally honest, Peru is not a big fashion place and by saying that, I don't mean to put my country down in any way, shape or form. The average native peruvian who resides in Peru does not take fashion too seriously for different reasons, and one being the economy. As a third-world country, you can imagine, their top priorities are not fashion or style, but the economic status and the education level that's being offered there. Of course, I wish things were different. I wish there was a Peruvian fashion week, where top peruvian designers and craftsmen show their talent on the runway, museums or at trunk shows like in New York or Paris, and editors and celebrities from everywhere were sitting front-row and everything else but the truth of the matter is - a bit delusional.
In the other hand, though, let's look at the positive. The spread was shot specifically at Macchu Picchu, which is one of the seven wonders of the world (if you didn't know) and I love the fact that the spread focuses on the culture as well as the fashion. Cuzco is a huge tourism spot for travelers around the globe and it has a super rich culture, architecture and food. I feel that this spread is somehow trying to communicate an unequivocal message - fashion is universal, it exist everywhere, maybe in places you never been or heard before, it's international and is composed of not just fabulous clothes but also people who you may not consider fabulous, it's not just external but internal as well, embrace the change.
The spread was shot by Arthur Elgort, styled by Havana Laffitte and feature up and coming model Jessica Cline. Pictures from teenvogue.com