NY Gets a Couture Touch

jumpsuit and overalls by Yves Saint Laurent
Freja on David Koma dress and Sasha on Stella McCartney coat

Dolce & Gabbana
John Galliano
Alexander McQueen
Nina Ricci
Maison Martin Margiela
Editorials spreads are flooding in, especially in September, where magazines usually offer their supposedly best foot attributions for their readers. I love editorials, in fact, that's the first thing I usually look at when I open up a fashion magazine. I admire people who take risks, and step out to bring out such inspiring imagery that not everybody can pull off, these editorial shots just show that. The story, feature on V Magazine is titled "Live From New York". It was shot by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Jane How. In another note, what's interesting though is the fact that the editor picked Freja Beha Erichsen and Sasha Pivovarova for this shoot, not the most sexiest models out there, but they are sure few of the most high fashion, they take great pictures and they get the job done. Sometimes, editorials look so banal and boring when they choose the same girl, and the look is always the same; one hand on the waist and the other one over her head, with a nipple showing. I'm concern on what some editors consider sexy, why not try something new and pick a different girl to stir things up a lil'?, but anyways I'm not in charge.
What I love about this story even though they're just pret-a-porter pieces, there is this strong couture-esque feeling to the looks. The obscure with the reverent, the insane with femine/lesbo attitude coming from the model's majestic poses. On the first picture, Sasha is wearing this black Yves Saint Laurent overalls, that on he runway did not convinced me, but on this picture it blows my mind. I like the fact that they intended to include a vast range of designers on this story shot in NY. It just makes sense, New York is a city composed of a huge influx of ethnic backgrounds from all over the world, it's a place where one can find a piece of home, far away from home, that's actually one of many things I'm obsessed about NY. I also appreciate the fact the pictures where shot from such an angle so it catches the spirit of the city and the beauty of the architecture and surrounding areas, the choice of producing the story in black and white brings the attention from the background to the fashion, which I love, but it also takes away from the beautiful colors that the clothes radiate, I guess it was a take-and-give/give-take situation. In any case, I'm really anxious to see this editorial printed on the latest V, I can't wait to cop it!.
Pixs: vmagazine.com


Tasha Gregson said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Ur blog seems really cool, I love these pictures. They are so chic and stylish!


The Starving Stylist said...

This editorial was definitely one of my favorites this season. I love how its in black and white which helps tie down the busy look of the city and clothes.
Anyways, I really like your blog here! cheers to that!


Michael St. James said...

Totally awesome! I can't get enough Sasha! Cool blog!