I been M.I.A for a minute, life is not as easy as I expected being a young adult, there are mounted responsibilities and necessary evil things that one must take care of in order to progress in this rather strange world we live in today. I needed to find a way to gain a financial income as soon as I graduated from school so I found a temporary job, which pays pretty much most of my bills and some. It has nothing to with fashion, but it's fine for now.
I don't recall mentioning this before but a while back I stumble into a teen magazine called RIP (Revitalize, Inspire, Perform) on the Metro Center station. I read it over and noticed there was no fashion within that issue, so I decided to called the publisher Evelyn Rodriguez and we set up a meeting, days later we met and she saw my portfolio, she obviously liked it. I started to work as soon as I got home. For the editorials I wanted to shoot at a local forest that has been recently modified so I thought that was a great option, the only challenge in my path was getting all the clothes together (keep in mind that I'm doing all these by myself), so I started to look into my Mom and aunt closets' and picked out a few pieces. It was a bit of a hustle since neither my Mom nor aunt are the most "stylish" women on earth, but I managed. In addition, I also added a few of my pieces I did for my fashion design class like the purple bow neckline dress and that blue tie-dye sleeveless dress. In this opportunity I had the chance to work with Hiwote Swann who worked the camera like no other and Marco Valencia who shot all these beautiful pictures below...
The male model was a no show, so I had to reschedule a shoot with Marco. And I had to get a new male model so I was going through my facebook friends and I found Nick Towns, I told him about the shoot and he came over and he shut it down, he was amazing (as you can see). On the mean time I was trying to assemble all these clothes and trying to figure out a look that would work for the magazine, I started contacting different stores, but I never got a respond. I seriously never thought borrowing clothes was such a hustle, probably if I was working for Vogue, there would be no problem. So then, I started looking into my own closet and pull out this dark blue blazer that could work with this military blue vest that I borrowed from a friend, the I started looking at couple of scarfs and hats. I also wanted to include this really fun piece I made a while ago. It was a dye baggy jean that I purchase so long ago that I never wear since I don't think it looks good on me, so I cut the bottom part out and saw another piece with a different fabric, the end result was not exactly what I expected but it looked a bit funky so I was pleased.
T-shit is by EyeBone www.eye-bone.com
I believe this shoot gave me a glimpse of what being an editor/stylist is, creating a look, and making it happen. It almost felt like a puzzle, all the pieces were scattered around and one somehow have to fit them all together to achieve a cohesive imagery. I could definitely see myself doing this as a living...
"Young Opulence" for RIP Magazine
2009 Fall issue
Photographer: Marco Valencia
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Jimmy De La Cruz (me)
Model: Hiwote Swann
Male Model: Nick Towns

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