I been a a bit off the radar lately. The last couple of days, or should I say weeks, have been stressful, yet within all the chaos I find periods of joy. I mean, what's hard work without fun? When I stop, analyze the situation that I'm in, I feel as if I was the Energizer Bunny, without all the pink fuzzy exterior and the drum on the front. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just been going, going and going. I just recently attended NOVA Fashion Week, so I will be posting my review of the collections that I seen here shortly (it's not easy orchestrating a one-man show). 

The black and white group photograph above was taken at the end of a successful shoot I took part as an assistant stylist to my brotha from a different motha Walter ReedI had the amazing opportunity to work along photographer Nicholas LaClair (who I recently learned is a marine biologist), make-up artist and hair stylist Victoria Stiles (taught me that green on the lips works best on a white and black photograph...always learning something new), and model Karah Linn (though we were advised she was new in the biz, there were no apparent signs of a novice). There I also met model Pawel Domalik (who just walked for McQueen last year) and photog Scott Bryant (who was documenting behind the scenes...thanks for the Starbucks Scott, it definitely helped). The shoot lasted approx. 6 hours, by the time the shoot was done, we barely had any energy to head to the car, so we headed to Taco Bell to refuel our systems. I had a sexy chalupa and a cheese quezadilla, yummy...now on the next one. 

Photo by Nick LaClair


MalibuMara said...

that looks awesome!
great photo
im jealous

Sammie said...

What an amazing opportunity! & the photo looks wonderful.

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thank you for the comments.

Poetry Is Life said...

really good foto here