Kate Moss And Terry Richardson

This post was going to be titled, "Mango?", which might mislead you to wonder, the brand or the tropical fruit? But if you're the least familiar with this blog, then you know I'm referring to the brand. The question marks seems fitting. Mango, a Spanish-based fast fashion line, has not reach the level of popularity in America (or any other fashion metropolis besides Spain) as the likes of Swedish juggernaut H&M, or compatriot Zara. I'm not the most acquainted with Mango, but the most I've seen from their offerings are sherbet-colored short dresses. Nothing out of the ordinary, but wearable nonetheless. 

The clip above, shown at a special show at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, directed by naughty photographer Terry Richardson, starring himself and supermodel Kate Moss, might just be the panacea to place Mango in worldwide popular demand. The brief video depicts Kate and the director himself wearing Terry paper masks (I so want one, just so I can dress as Terry Richardson for Halloween), suspiciously escaping from a Mango store with cargo bags in tow (you know here they are up to no good). They hop in a white van and recklessly careen through the streets of Paris. While in there, Kate changes in and out of a couple of looks which were presented at the show. They arrive at some parking lot, walk through undergrounds halls, only to find a passel of (stalkers?) fans once they open a door. 

The 1:43 minute-long film is amusing, tantalizing, and exciting. Just by peeking at what Kate pulls out of the bag, it seems that the collection, which arrives in stores in July, might be a hit. It only leaves me wondering the sumptuous check Kate received to hop on a white van and change clothes. I kinda want that job. 

Check out Terry's Vimeo account here. He has videos of Francois Sagat, male models PJ and Dave Ransone, and a hilarious one of his Mom. 


Andrés Corella said...

This looks good...we do have a Mango over here..but it isn´t that popular..the truth is that almost everyone goes to Zara...but this collection looks like it might be awesome!

The Black Label

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

I concur. They might have a winning season.

Malu Rivero said...

Thanks for the comment Jimmy! and... I don't like Mango... even there in Spain it doesn't works and is too expensive for what they offer, and the campaign of Penelope Cruz sucks also haha! XO Malu

Iván said...

The Mango shop that we have in my city it's a success as it was Penelope and Monica Cruz line, i think they designed some a special line. It seems that Malu and has another point of view from the same country! :)

I follow you from now on, your blog is full of style!

The trendy surfer