This exemplifies the perfect marriage that occurs in fashion when you least expect it, or assumably, when two extraordinary talents combine forces; Nicolas Ghesquiére and Pierre Hardy. The duo, Ghesquiére as creative director and Hardy, head of design for accessories has given the fashion crowd memorable, almost orgasmic moments. The "athletic techno" sandals that resembled football helmets for Fall/Winter 2007 (which was blatantly pirated by brands that shall not be named); the rather intricate, fetishistic, knee-high lace up boot for Spring/Summer 2008; and most recently, the blocked heeled shoes that resembled legos for Fall/Winter 2010 are just some of the wondrous pieces of art that have come to fruition by the febrile minds of these two fearless visionaries. The Fall/Winter 2011-12 Men's footwear collection follows sue. 

The collection delineates a sensible comparison to Cristobal Balenciaga's disposition for architectural shapes. The austerity of the leather boots in burgundy and black with what seems to be a shrunken, polished spur fixated at the toes combines the rigorousness, yet understated luxury found in the house's archives. A line of athletic shoes, some which resemble Nike's Air Max running shoes, feature appliqués of leather and suede in shades of forest green, sand and fluorescent red. Most likely, you won't find this conjunction of such genteel fabrics in one design at your local Foot Locker. Elsewhere, canvases with a stiff, plank-ish tongue and high trainers (one in plastic soles) diversify the offerings. And what you might see Prince wear this fall include those round-toed loafers and monks (featuring a seductive yellow sole), or even those sexy chelsea boots. 

Peep over at Balenciaga for its newly designed e-home and to see all the accessories in all their glory. As it should be, of course. 

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Andrés Corella said...

Oh my..I would have them all please! There´s not a single shoe I don´t like

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