Calvin Klein Flashes Some Bootay x MLK Thoughs

I'm so behind on posts is not even funny. I know I'm a terrible blogger but I'm trying. My inconsistency randomly fluctuates due to my life struggles. I'm still trying to get my shit together and find my way through life. I guess you could say I'm a lost puppy in a big city, but not really. I know what I want and I know where I want to be, it's just a matter of patience and persistence. It's not easy being a teenager, dealing with outside pressure to attain something that your superiors wished you could accomplish, but I'm just trying to listen within and act accordingly. People often tell me you should do this, do that, but I can't just do what someone tells me to do, because they're not me, why would I waste time trying to please somebody else thus suffer later?. To me that just doesn't make sense. I only got one life to live, by that I don't imply acting crazy, partying every night and having polygamist sex. Instead, I try to make conscious decisions which I would later benefit from, so please bare with me and keep following my blog, it means a ton having a virtual support system, when at times there seems to be none on the real world. 

I meant to do this post on monday the 18th since America honored a very special entity. Martin Luther King was an icon in the Civil Right movement and in American history as well, though I did not organized any type of festivities, I attempted to nurture my growing knowledge of MLK and his accomplishments. Now it might seem so absurd to imagine the casualties, struggles and sacrifices folks back then had to sustain just so they could have a voice and bring a peaceful message of equality to society. It's just crazy to me that the so-called "most powerful nation in the world" lived such levels of stupidity and ignorance back then. I still can't comprehend on how someone's brain operates when they point the finger and judge their compatriots based on the pigment of their skin. I guess to some people that just how they were raised and unfortunately those same idiotic principles were passed down to their kids, those kids would pass down those same idiotic principles to their own kids and so on and so forth. The chain still seems not broken yet, though we have a black man sitting at the white house. Do you remember that big story of this horrendous and shameless act of these kids plotting to assassinate Mr.O?, but fortunately their malicious endeavors were hindered by officials, and the question rises...why?. Are we still living in oppressed and belligerent America? or Are we witnessing an awakening of "weak" and submergence of the powerful?, I guess you already know the answer.

So you might be asking yourself why the heck this Spring/Summer 2010 Calvin Klein ad shot by Steven Klein has to do with MKL? Well, let me explain. Since I ever found out who MLK was, I always saw imagery of him looking rather powerful and slightly pensive at times, but never down. I think his strength and willingness to make a difference was one of the key elements for his fruitful triumph. MLK  was alway seen well-composed, well-presented. He may not be seen as the most stylish men in American history, but his attire always alluded a powerful sensibility and simplicity, and when I saw these pictures it immediately clicked. The model, David Agbodji, who by the way has a AMAZING ass, (When I saw these pictures I was literally dumfounded, I almost fell off my seat, I mean how you seen a better ass than that?) is french but exudes the message of the brand. I also believe that these photographs do have a certain edge that MLK and his minions exhibited back then. I know they're a bit racy and controversial, and so was MLK, not in a sexually-explicit way but he still made headlines across the nation, and I love that.  

"I Have a Dream"...that one day I'll become editor of Vogue =), not seriously.

Pictures: models.com


Toy Couture said...

Like you, I feel David Agbodji is absolutely gorgeous...love the work!!

Charms said...

Its true, life is a matter of patience and making things happen at the same time. You have to be in control of every situation you're facing whether it's in your side or not. Just enjoy life as possible as you can, and let troubles and problems handle their own. ^_^. But love the Calvin Klein collection, especially the blue suit. - cheapest juicy couture

SCISI said...

oh wow wooooooow amazing images i love the one in black suit most:)xxscisi