The Wizards

Last night I had the chance to attend the Wizards vs. Orlando's Magic game at the Verizon Center in Chinatown. I've been to this venue before but for a totally different reason. It was about 3 or 4 years ago for a Venus and Serena Williams exhibition tennis match to benefit the Ronal McDonalds' house. I had such a good time seeing my idols out there on the faux tennis court doing their thing, it seemed almost magical. This time, I arrived to the venue super late, due to my irresponsible proceedings, but I'm trying. I was warned to be there at 6:00 p.m. and I get there around 6:50-ish 7 p.m. In top of that my boyfriend who I suppose to see him at around 5:30, was super furious at my tardiness, not good. We met right outside the venue, we get in line and all of the sudden I feel my feet and hands numb, the line was rather long and my impatience got the best of me, I reacted and said, "Hellllsss Noooo". I turned my head and noticed this little black kid standing behind me, hoping he didn't hear me, I just spuriously smiled and softly uttered "hi". He was the cutest thing I ever seen, I wanted to adopt him, but that's called wishful thinking. We make our way inside through the swarm of folks tying to get in (I just learned that night it was a sell-out crowd of 20,173), we then proceeded to take the escalator towards the upper level of the venue. It was a bit of a trek, but we easily found our assigned seats. I sited and I was like "Dammm". We were technically almost at the ceiling, (just look at the image above) the gigantic NBA players didn't look so tall now, but I was later surprised to learn that Howard stands at 6'11''. How could someone seemed so tall and sexy at the same time?, I guess that's just a thing of nature.

By the time we found our seats, the game had already started and the Wizards were loosing. I pulled out my phone and started addressing my virtual duties. Throughout the game my boyfriend kept poking me trying to get me engage with the game, but I kept being distracted with my phone. I was never a huge NBA fan, but I do enjoy watching. I'm a sports kinda guy, but it just happens to be that basketball is not the most fashionable sport out there, though the game has blame short-shorts looked so demode. Now that I bring the topic of fashion, I must illustrate the tackiness from some of the spectators but preferably from the so called "Wizards Girls". These young ladies were prancing around in some skimpy white low-cut tops revealing a bit too much cleave, paired with some hideous glitzy golden bootie-shorts, I was just appalled. It screamed "Hooters", loud and clear. Now I wonder what Karl's remarks would've have been if he looked at this type of get-ups, but probably not so good ones.

I thought this type of events were family friendly, but it looked more like PG-18. I could spot lots of infants in the house, matter fact, this lady sat next to me with a few kids, which I assumed were her own. There was a moment, where this cheerleader was throwing t-shirts to the crowd and I could literally see from way up above her scandalous, voluminous breast busting out her top bouncing up and down, it was a bit uncomfortable, but I'm sure there were plenty of men who were leering with lascivious interests. At the same type I was checking out a few of the players and I was not disappointed. I think, though from a far distant, they sort of look hotter live than on TV. From Orlando's Magic, I'll have to say Brandon Bass, Dwigth Howard, Jameer Nelson and J.J. Redick are staright up eye-candy and from the Wizards; Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler are the best looking ones from the team. So at the end of the day, or should I say night, everybody left visually pleased.

I was having such a good time, that I decided to take a few pictures. They look decent after I edited a few of them. This huge cube harnessed by a group of wires and cords coming from the top of the Verizon Center was a major commodity of the venue, the humongous screen was broadcasting the game live for those who are short-sighted. From the location I was sited at, the player's faces seemed so diminutive that I needed to check the screen to get a better look. I was a bit surprised at this otherworldly physical condition and abilities that some of the ballers exuded. They made everything looked so simple and effortless, that it almost wanted to make you be on the field next to these titans, but in reality these men play at such a level that seemed almost unreachable, they don't call these the NBA for no reason.

The wizards took control of the 4th quarter and won the game by 104-97 and sent the Magics back to Orlando with a sour taste on their mouths and an ever worse sense of loss and shame since this is their 4th consecutive loss. Well, I'm not a NBA analyst, and since this is not a sports blog, I almost forgot the mission of De La Style. I know I'm so behind in fashion news but I has to take care of life necessity matters thus suffering my backlog on posts. But I promise to attempt to regularly blog and keep you updated.

Much love to Maggy Francois for hooking me and my boyfriend with free tickets =).

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