The Milkshake Girl Gives Me Fireworks

I hope you all had a great-buzzing 4th of july weekend, I had planned to go to NYC with the boyfriend but it never really worked out so we were stucked out here in DC with white republicans at the memorial watching fireworks in true hippie form. I wasn't blogging on that day since my Mac was here at home and I was somewhere else getting ready, but a music tone kept rippling in my head. I kept thinking about Kelis' new joint coincidently titled "4th of July (Fireworks)" hence my post tittle, and as I kept watching the fireworks illuminating the sky serving as backdrop to the White House, I imagined the song playing on the big loudspeakers. It was a special moment. I never witness such a comely presentation of mundane fireworks in such iconic setting. It was something I wanted to attend for the longest time but I never had a chance. I'm glad I was there with a person I love so much. 

The album called "Flesh Tone" released on July 6th of this year pushed Kelis forward, in all sense of the word. The sound now is more festive-trance-pop than club-down-the-block. My picks are "22nd Century", "Acapella" and "4th of July". Though I miss the old Kelis, sex-charged-lyrics with a vixen vibe, I'm starting to embrace her new persona. I sense she is one of those women that is challenging to fathom but once you look deeper she has a story to tell. In other words, she's more than meets the eyes. I already checked the whole album out and I'm convinced, but I'm still on the limbo on her sartorial choices, which leads me to talk about her sometimes questionable sense of style. 

I think folks often mistakenly associate the word "futuristic" with "clownish", there is a thin line between "fashion-forward" and "trying-too-hard" and most people on entertainment don't posses the looks to frolic with Lady Gaga games. Much less, delve into her uncanny feyness. Frankly honest, I'm trying to understand the direction of where this women is going, sartorially speaking. Perhaps I'm getting lost in translation, but the some of the things she has been publicly seen wearing look dubious and questionable tasteful. I don't mind the armadillos Mcqueen shoes form the Spring/Summer 2010 she has been wearing, but all these unnecessary accessorizing is bewildering. I think her stylist is sabotaging her or she's saying "yes" to things she should be saying "NO". Don't get me wrong, I love the drama, but drama well executed.

Regardless, I still find myself musically attracted to Kelis, she has this off thing that I find interesting. It's a bit difficult to word it, but I hope you know what I'm talking about. I decided to take some screen-shots of the video and further illustrate my point. I also intended for the shots to looks a movie so that's why you see them in that order. 

The dangling shiny pearls worn as earrings, the peter pan collar shaped necklace and the head piece which seems to be made out of pearls as well just screams "too much". And noticed that I'm not even mentioning the overdone eye-lashes and nose-ring which I find outdated. Nonetheless, I like the simple make-up. 

The golden lame, asymetrical-batman-wing-high-slit gown does say great things about her body, but the decoration around the hems just reads cheap. Also, the dress sort of reminds me of something you'll see women wearing at an Arabian Nights party. I love the color of the earrings, I think it sets well with the whole color theme of the shot and the setting. I guess she loves long, dangly earrings. 

Just the elaboration of the feathered native indian head piece gets points from me. I don't know where the idea to add this item into the scene and story of the whole music video came from, but it adds an interesting factor to the whole thing. 

The post was supposed to be published later since it was not done, but I mistakenly clicked on the publish button, ooops...I will update soon.


Charnice said...

I absolutely love this song!

Anna said...

Today's politics and pop culture from a young liberal's perspective! I follow back=) -love your blog btw

kenyatta Manning Pictures said...

"there is a thin line between "fashion-forward" and "trying-too-hard" - you hit the money on that one :)

layersandswathes said...

The funny this is that she is so obviously post-divorce and trying to prove something! I do love the new music though...

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thank you guys for the comment.

ChloƩ Bradshaw said...

http://145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ I know you'll love it xoxo

JustNorman said...

she is pretty legit. need I mention her milkshake?


chingching said...

wow..Kelis is getting awesomer.