The Phresh Kid From Ohio

Several weeks ago I stumbled onto a blog by mere mistake. I often say some mistakes turn into a golden chance, that would be a more accurate description for this post. It was a style blog, like thousands upon thousands of same sorts out there, but there was something special about this one. The picture at the top right hand was of a young fella (I don't even use that word in real life, I just like the way it sounds, I hope it doesn't make me sound decrepit) indicating the author of the blog. He's wearing dark shades, no shirt and what looks to be a blazer. On the concise description adjacent to the small photograph read "Columbus, Ohio", I suddenly got interested. I don't know a minuscule thing about Ohio, besides the fact that it's located on the Mid-Western part of the country (and I also heard they grow good potatoes). I never been there, thus it intrigued me in how a young African-American saw his community through eyes more def trained for style in a state that is known for its...say, food. I been always interested on how people look at fashion in areas where there is little to no tradition at all. 

On the blog, he posts meekly pictures of his daily ensembles using his white MacBook, others feature a brand new pair of shoes, most likely Jordan's, and a few others conveyed his inspirations and things he found interesting. I did not only find the pictures "dope" but there seems to be a strong, bonafide interest in style, and how it is interpret. The layout, the graphics, colors, and sense of diligence of editing a fun blog made me click "follow" and remain amuse. I caught up with James Love, the man behind Premature Billionaire, about a month ago (due to my busy schedule I could not get it written, edited, and publish it on time, but it's finally here). He explained the idea behind his blog, the people that inspires him, and his various future endeavors. 

Tell me how old are you and where do you currently reside.
I'm 16 years old and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Well since I was little I dreamed about being a Billionaire and it's my favorite word so I knew that I must use in my name. So I began to look up words that meant something before its normal time or time that was expected to happen and I thought of me. Because I was a premature baby and I was born a month before I was supposed to be. So Premature means, "occurring or done before the usual or proper time; too early." So I put them together and a few weeks later Drake released Fear and said "Premature Millionaires" that's when I knew the name was official and that should be the name I use.

When did you start your blog and what was the reason behind it? I started a blog because I love Kanye and Pharrell and It was always something that I thought I would be good at since I saw my first fashion blog.

see you gravitate towards a simple streetwear aesthetic but how do you describe your style?
I say where the streets meets high fashion! I love streetwear and it's my thing, but I also do love high fashion so I like to switch it up. I'm working on transforming my look into more high fashion and less streetwear, so that is equal, so my style truly express me.

Tell me briefly how you got interested in fashion.
I love fashion and even as a little kid I loved fashion and my parents always dressed me well. As I grew up I was always around clothes and got a love for fashion but as I reached into middle school I learned how saying that you want to be a fashion designer wasn't the cool thing to do so I began to explore other careers because I didn't want to be made fun of or called gay. But I later realized to follow my heart and If it wasn't for Kanye and Pharrell I probably wouldn't be doing fashion. I look up to them and they were very fashionable men and still getting all the girls! I don't know, I just always looked up and found inspiration from them.


How does music affect your sense of style?
Music plays a major role in my style depending on what I am listening to. It may depend on what I am wearing the next day. I often listen to music when I am planing my outfits or trying to figure out what I am wearing the next day! I love music and without it I would go insane and I'm a strong believer that I do things better listening to music.

Is there anyone out there who you look up to for their sense or style? In other words,  do you have any style icons?
They would have to be Kanye, Pharrell, Lv the Stylist, Dee & Ricky, Taz Arnold, Cool Kids, Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Amber Rose and any other beautiful girl! Woman inspire me sooo much.

What would you ultimately like to do in the industry?
To be a fashion designer, or stylist and have my own street wear boutiques and store in malls. Then, venture out into other things.

How can people contact you?
They can follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/Milliardaire
or email me at at Billionairefly@gmail.com


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