Fashionable People Eat Fast Food

Believe it or not, someone has dared to place the intersecting Cs on fast food products. I mean if it has to be Chanel, then it must be black and white. I don't think Karl would order this particular "Chanel Meal" anytime soon, since he always looks to be on a strict diet. I'm interested on what the hamburger might taste like, it looks very plain and the meat looks super-well-done. I like the fact that the fries are alined in the most neatly position and the black containers look impeccable just like every Chanel show. Now I feel like people think their product would stand out if they stamp a luxury-brand logo on their goods, which in a way makes sense. Just take a look at this LV trash bag, it received so much publicity over the net, just because of the monogram exterior it had, but if it was just a plain black trash bag, then nobody cares, but what captivates me about this picture is the short but very true quote from Uncle Karl. "Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight." Think and stop. I'm not a licensed nutritionist or nothing of that sort, but to my understanding people loose weight for different reason; peer pressure, body-image issues, lack of self-confidence, and a couple of others, but as Karl said " Fashion is the healthiest...", which in a way makes sense. There are tons of fashion-conscious women out there who crave every night or hit the gym every weekend just so she can fit in that Vera Wang dress she just purchased or that Versace bikini she'll love to wear to the beach. If Karl means "healthiest" as in starving yourself for a whole day or regularly exercising to fit a size 2, then he takes the quote to a new different level, it goes beyond fashion and becomes now an issue. Isn't a bit ironic that there is this very presentable and tasty "Chanel Meal" right in front of your eyes and then Karl tells you to loose weight for fashion? Nonetheless, I'll take a bite. 


Branding Is Blather said...

The cover of Dana Thomas' 2007 book "Deluxe" featured Prada branding all over fast food meal packaging as well. Her book is about how a lot of the luxury goods brands slightly cheapened their allure and value by widening their distro and creating lower price point products (sunglasses, coin purses, etc) over the last 15-20 years. Definitely worth a read.

This is a cool blog, I'm going to keep checking it out.

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Just found your blog, and I'm already loving it. Your words are so honest. I totally agree with each word you wrote. So tired of the "must be size 2". It's so hard to be a girl! But like you, I'd still take a bite :)