Retrospective: Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is synonym with Italian glamour and exotic animal prints, I'm a huge Cavalli fan and I been following his work for quite sometime now. I love his use of rich fabrics and his rather seductive silhouettes. His work always celebrates a women's body and entices a hungry feeling for wearability. I believe his clothes serve as a men's magnet, I bet his female customers never complain from being single or dateless. For some reason, these two collections got me hooked, they are almost like an addiction, since I watched them almost everyday.
The first video comes from Roberto's younger line, Just Cavalli. His approach for the 2008 Spring/Summer season looks very youth-friendly, very funky and sexy at the same time. I believe he took inspiration from his trips to Africa, evident by the use of his vibrant colors, and fun patterns. There was one men's look that shook the runway a bit, a model sporting a mumu tunic, which can either look very chic and stylish or turn into a fashion faux-pas when pair with the wrong shoes but I prefer this look more in women. 
The second video is from his main line, Roberto Cavalli for the Spring/Summer 2005 season. I can literally see all these looks in the cover of any Vogue (Italian, French, American...just to name a few). The set looks like a Spanish hacienda, or like the interior of a very traditional Mexican restaurant. The collection is just full of drama and conveys a strong message, coming from the powerful strut of the super confident sexy models and the more couture-esque shape of the clothes. I love a strong statement, and one way to accomplish that is by implementing bold colors that work harmoniously into a look and Cavalli does that better than anyone else. His palette always catches my attention and usually stands out from the rest. In a serious note though, this 2005 Spring/Summer collection in particular is one of the best shows I ever witnessed from Mr. Cavlli. 
(Did you notice the new phase of De La Style, I just thought of giving it a new look, tell me what you think.)

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