God Bless France

Browsing in the net the other day, I stumble on YouTube with this particular video titled "Baby, Baby, Baby" by Make The Girl Dance, the artist's name itself seemed like a good enough reason to peek at the video. I pressed play and there is a shot of this brown vintage looking automobile and this cute young girl steps out with this striped black and white summer dress holding a blue radio on her hand, so I'm thinking this is typical cliche, but next thing you know, she starts stripping down her clothes in plain sight and starts strutting down the streets of Paris. There is obviously a black rectangle covering up her private parts, since it might come off a bit porno-ish, but I like how they play it off, by showing the lyrics on the black space, very clever. After she has walked for about a block or so having no shame on her persona, another girl strips down and takes the lead, replacing the previous girl. It kind of reminded me of the Olympics, you know, at the ceremony when athletes take turns to hold the torch and run around the stadium. I love how some of the pedestrians have this look of "OMG she's naked", others look much "How dare she !?" and some dudes look like they been waiting for this moment their whole life, hilarious. I enjoy watching people's reaction to anything that has to do with fashion, there is nothing more boring when there is none. I never heard of this band before, but I just checked their myspace page, and they sound pretty good. I love "Coachella Ma Pute" and "Chupa" and I can already hear these songs being play at various fashion shows such at Versace, Herve Ledger, Miss Sixty or even Chanel but baby you already know you are going to be playing in my Ipod all day long. 

Make The Girl Dance - Baby, Baby, Baby

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amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Wish I had the guts to do that!