Currently Listening: Holiday by Metronomy

I'm seriously obsessed with Metronomy now, after listening to "On Dancefloors" during the 2009 Pre-Fall Chanel show, I felt in love with the song, but I wasn't aware that Metronomy was behind this track. A while later I get on youtube to peek at my favorites and I happen to review the 2009 SS Balenciaga show, and if you listen carefully, this exact song is played at the middle-beginning of the show, which goes quite beautifully with the futuristic look of the show. I love how they sound, its definitely every unique, I like how they combine different tunes from techno, pop and electronic tunes to come up with this great hit. I can already sense that this particular song is going to be blasting at the trendiest Parisian and London nightclubs and in the ipods of the hippest kids in Europe (I'm not European, but this joint is already on my black ipod nano).

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