Isabeli Fontana For Vogue Brasil

LOVE the cover, I like how it ensembles a bunch of different colors, but it still looks put-together, the feathered head piece adds the drama and Isabeli brings the sexy.
Why does the sheep look pink? Is it an itnenioally camera effect???
Isabeli is one of my favorites on the catwalk and on print, I love her whole aura, her walk and the way she talks. Her beauty radiates beyond the cover, her face is just gorgeous. I love how she looks into the camera and is trying transmit a message, she's just sexy. 
picture source models.com

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antiGAB said...

damn talk about eyes of seduction... I couldn't agree more, she's sexy. Hey do you get Vogue from all over the world or do you just buy the one's you like?? Cuz my sister has like 4 years amount of Vogue but just the USA one. I bet she'd love the French one. Vogue always has dope editorials. I check out her old Issues when I'm bored. The current Issue is like Gold, she doesn't let me touch it lol