All Black Everything

I love this story shot by Britta Leuermann, featuring one of my fav male models Shawn Sutton. His feline eyes and tempting lips can hypnotize one to step in perilous territory, if you what I mean. In other words, the guy is just hot and that seems to be a good enough reason for Shawn to entice the new wave of talented, young black male models. This idea of combining the raw, street, urban lifestyle against something more high-end has been played out in gazillions of magazines, but I think in this editorial there is something extra. Perhaps it's clothes that exude this dark, almost gothic feeling with a great touch of sophistication. I particularly love this huge black fur coat with the Calvin Klein grey suit that is seriously on a different level. I bet Armani wished this was part of his oeuvre.
I need this suit!!!
I would wear this to prom, or a white house event, I'm sure Obama would approve.
This fur coat is literally outta of control and Shawn makes it look so good. Yummy!


The Starving Stylist said...

great outfits and hot editorial. . .i hope its not weird but I really want that black leather teddy bear from this shoot. haha


Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Actually I want it too, peep the lil' bow tie =)