Dressed For Battle

Unbeknownst to me, a few days ago a friend of mine confessed to me that he suffers from bipolar disorder. My immediate reaction was "Are you sure?", then he confirmed with a nod. (Actually his son suffers from the same disorder as well). I have never perceived one of his mishaps or mood-swings, probably because I haven't been around him for that long, but he's a fun dude to be around. He's a bit "experienced", but possess a young spirit, he just lifts me up, and that's one the reasons we clicked. Coincidently, I came cross this editorial spread shot by Paola Kudacki for the February 2010 issue of Vogue Nippon (Japan), featuring Missy Rayder and Kendra Spears, seemingly with the same concept at hand.

The editorial titled "Dressed for Battle" focuses on the militant duality portrayed by these two women. Standing at different extremes, Missy looks rather fragile, innocent, and slightly sensible. In the other hand, Kendra reminds me a bit of Hitler; authoritarian, austere and crude. But what Aurora Sansone, the stylist on duty, attempted to illustrate was the reality of the situation. I think she thought about what the world is going through right now and how each woman would dress according on their standpoint on the war. Missy looks very simple and polished, accessorized with see-thru bangles and necklaces, while Kendra with a much manish updo takes a more risky approach, evident by that Gucci ensemble, displaying an open back blazer and cut-out skinny pants. 

I'm still a bit bewildered to witness so much war references after the 2010 Spring/Summer season, especially in Paris. A bevy of designers seem to still be fascinated with utilitarian clothes and somehow they manage to reform such austere elements into something more approachable and sensitive. I know I'm getting side-tracked here since this topic is somewhat provocative and could be expounded for miles, but that's going to take place on a different post. Enjoy the pictures!

Photos fashiongonerogue.com


snoblak said...

J'adore !

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