Life "Unfashionable" Things

I know I been a very very very bad boy in the past few days, but I have an excuse people. I been dealing with life things and whatnot, trying to become independent and build a future for myself, and that takes time, money and sacrifices. The biggest problem here is timing, I'm like the most impatient person out there, but I manage, I'm progressively learning to control it, but there are times where I feel like I'm loosing it -- I need this now!, or why these people are taking two hours to get off the train? A few days ago somebody posted "I wished my life came with an Easy button" on their facebook status. After I read it and commented on the blank space below, it got me thinking on how drastically my life would change; no tedious work, no stress, no thinking. In the other side of the spectrum, this device, as it's making my life easier, it's ruining my aesthetic, discreetly disabling me from independence and maturity while putting me in position where I only rely on a button and stop using my medusa to solve problems through. In other words, it will eventually make me useless. And when people become useless they become worthless. Regardless, this button could make my dream come true, editor of Vogue, but it's inevitable that reality of the situation is unyielding. I'm completely aware of my competition and this long journey I must embark on but I don't like to wait (I'm impatient remember?). I guess this "disorder" has been programmed in my system since I was a very young, but of course with good intentions. When I was younger my grandparents used to get me anything I demanded and they kindly obey and pleased, I think they cared too much for me since I was their only grandson and their oldest grandkid. I've never labeled myself as "spoiled" since it just sounds so horribly tacky, but grateful and blessed to have such lovely, warmhearted, affectionate, caring grandparents. My parents got divorced when I was five years young and they were always present whenever I needed something, but I feel like I had a special relationship with my grandparents [eyes start getting watery] and I still do, even though we live a seven-hours plane ride apart.

But don't loose hope on me since I haven't lost hope on you guys, I love all my readers and I do get excited when I see new comments. Being said that, I will attempt to become a better blogger and post my "analysis" on fashion and whatnot. Expect a new banner soon and a fresh post tomorrow or Monday. I'm wearing (picture above) vintage suede jacket, Hanes t-shirt, A&F scarf, Levi's denim.





Take your time Jimmy. We all go thru this at some point.

Thanks for being open enuf to share regarding your grandparents. It was refreshing.

Take care of your self and will be here when you come back

Jimmy De La Cruz said...
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Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thank you Toy, you're so supportive, love your blog =)