Couture Versace-Gasm

I know the 2010 Spring/Summer couture season it's well past due, but I felt there were things that went unnoticed that season. One major factor was Versace, unlike her competitors, Donatella decided to op for a much more intimate presentation at the Versace Atelier. The media did not concisely elaborated on this collection, thus the public was not fully aware of this collection at some extent. As I have expressed in the past, I have a genuinely attraction towards Versace, not only because of their rich history, and sumptuous designs, but also for what they stand for; their energy, charisma, and brazen attitude. I don't think there is another house in Italy that has those qualities that makes Versace so unique and fond of my heart. 

When I learned that Versace was going to held an intimate presentation for an exclusive group of individuals in the industry, including; editors, buyers and celebrities, I was at least expecting to see a glimpse of the collection while the media reported on the whole couture season, but I never saw a photograph. I was obviously bummed, but then Vogue's Hamish Bowles, sent me a sense hope.  On the Hamishphere, he briefly reported, "At Versace Atelier, Donatella took chunks of Swarovsky crystals, swags of silvery chains, and holograms discs to give a Paco Rabanne-esque edge to her slinky femme-fatale red carpet gowns." A mere sentence was not going to do it for me, I wanted a whole review of the collection, I wanted to know everything, but if it comes from Mr. Bowles, then I'm pleased, even if it was just a tablespoon. The industry is seeing a lot of flesh-revealing and body-con gowns from Versace, and who's to blame? The much popular doctrine of "Sex Sells" was a principle Gianni had preached through his clothes since his humble beginnings, and this idea is being proudly carried on and energized by his younger kin.

Let's pretend I have the enough fashion history knowledge, and the acquired fashion discernment to talk about couture, but from my humble point of view I believe this is the strongest couture collection I seen from Versace. The juxtaposition on soft and hard, feminine and masculine, delicate and severe is nothing new, we seen this contrast throughout history time and time again. But in this occasion, I feel Donatella hit it out the park. She has reached a level of Brahmanism that has allowed her to explore more deeply the message of the house. The sensuous attitude that Kasia Struss, model on duty, depicts is not cliche. It has to do with the clothes, and how she feels in them. Most of these gowns, sumptuously constructed with silk-charmeuse exhibit a sense of empowerment, confident and aplomb that radiates back to the essence of the house. The smart addition of these Swarovsky crystals (just like Mr. Bowles mentions) and the rest of these precious, shiny detailing meticulously placed on these goddess gowns only adds to the sensibility of the collection, even if it was just for adornment purposes, it stills provokes a sense of tradition and glamour, two words that exemplifies the spirit of the Versace woman.


Source: Versace.com


Anonymous said...

i really love this snapshoot, the dresses are actually great and i love the fact that kasia struss is on those pictures!

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

I concur, Kasia is such a great model and she does justice to these amazing couture dresses, thank for the comment.