I love how each cover elicits a different emotion, but it also conveys a message suggestive of the cover lines. I find each individual one especial, but the one the I seem most attracted to is Magdalena, shot by Maciek Kobielski. I not only enjoy looking at her pictures, but the girl can walk a runway unlike any other. I bet if a designer puts her in garbage bag, she would sell it to Barney's, literally. I'm not too convinced of the "too" theme Muse is going for their 2010 winter issue, but I appreciate their approach to summoning distinctively beautiful girls in a sea of uninspiring and "blah!" imagery. 


Elisa K. said...

I really like the covers. The emotion being expressed through the covers really makes you feel as though the model really is the designers "Muse" and not like a staged cover shoot. I love it!!! I have to check them out!!!

Allergic to Vanilla said...

so beautifully put! I'm not really feeling Carolyn's too tough though...meh, just me..xo lina

Ursula said...

that too icy line just gave me life. i love it.