Who's Thirsty For Some Coca-Cola?

D&G Fall/Winter 2011/12 

One of the greatest qualities about fashion is that its followers can relate to designers and their offerings. In some cases it's personal, or emotional. I think we react to designers and what they do base upon our understanding and familiarity of not only their brand, but the culture in which we live in today. I been a campy follower of D&G for a decade (I still watch their shows from back them), when I was 10 years young, still a baby, I felt an immediate attraction for the brand, I just wanted to be one of the guys, and live in the world that Domenico and Stefano created for that season.

Their source of inspiration has taken them from "Man on The Moon" to "Aristocrats During The French Revolution" to "A Picnic Day" for last season. The collection that they presented just days ago in Milan hints to American pop culture. I know...nothing new, even people such as Uncle Karl have created collections imbued by America, and its rich (often tortured) history. Who would knew that John Pemberton, American druggist and Coca-Cola inventor, would have such a big fashion moment? Hoodies, sweaters and even a jacket were emblazon with the infamous logo. The ubiquitous, and multi dollar establishment sure has had a few swings with fashion, but nothing of this caliber. The bigger picture though brings memories of 80's American pop culture; what the cool kids would wear and most importantly how they wore it. We saw corduroys pegged, drop-crotched pants (God, help us) in sherbet colours of, hot pink, burgundy and green; combinations of prep ties with check-pattern shirts, striped cardigans, shrunken jackets with a vintage vibe, plaid suits with high-tops, bright-colored head phones, and Kanye-worthy shades. A continuing motif from their last winter collection were Mickey Mouse printed oversize sweaters and hoodies that would make Mr. Walt Disney proud. 

The furs? Pure fashion orgasm. 

For the finale, two lines of models came out clad in vintage looking tees festooned with the Coca-Cola logos, Mickey Mouse prints, and in some I saw a glimpse of The Statue of Liberty. What's more American than that?...Cheeseburger and fries? That's rhetorical. 

(Sidenote: It literally took me a whole day to edit that sexy banner you see above. I think it came out decent. I have now a new profound respect for graphic designers out there). 


MalibuMara said...

i LOVE this.
PS the photo looks AMAZING good job!

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thank you Mara.

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