This shot unintentionally shows what my reaction would be if I was in similar circumstances

While I momentarily attempt to take my mind off Fashion Week, I wanted to share this piece of jubilation with you  readers. I been wanting to post this for sometime, but for some mysterious reason I was not able to, but this seems to be an apt opportunity. Stay with me. When did uptight, generic car insurance commercials became so provocative or visually appealing? (The answer would vary depending on your perspective). It sounds utterly cliche, but sex has been use as a medium to market and sell almost anything. They're meant to grab your attention, and entice a spark within you to pull out your wallet and relinquish your hard-earned money (in a non-violent, uncompromising form). It's a no brainer. It's called affective marketing. 

The folks at State Farm are not stupid. They're selling car insurance, not underwear. The decision to tap actor Mehcad Brooks and Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks was smart. It's obvious they're targeting my age group. If they wanted to lure the older crowd, they would have called Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox. So when you have Mehcad on set, the most logical thing to do is to ask him to take his shirt off to jazz up the commercial. Why not use his perfectly sculpted body? Such a terrible thing to waste. Thank God he did. And undeniably, he looks great, especially in those jeans. Selita is beauteous (an underuse word), cute physique and equally attractive features, but Brooks stole the show. To hell with the insurance, get me Mehcad on my doorsteps. 


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