David Beckham Does Emporio Armani...Again

The Tarzan-esque 2009 Fall/Winter campaign of David Beckham for Emporio Armani was released a while back in London and is likely you might have seen these ads in a couple of foreign magazines. If David wasn't a soccer star by nature, he would've probably become one of the most demanded male models in the industry right now, I can already picture the DG team offering loads of money just so they can have David in one of their always steamy ads. In a way you have to approach him as a sex marketing symbol, girls loved him (and some guys, too), whatever he markets, he sells, and it's not surprisingly the Emporio Armani team has picked Beckham as well as his wife to be the face of their brand. Booking a campaign with a top designer is a big deal for most models, it can literally jump start their careers as a supermodel, wherever the ad is published, is their face that is going to be feature, so they're definitely going to get world-wide exposure. I feel like David can attract all kinds of customers, young, old, gay and straight, her whole persona exudes the ultimate lady's man attitude that a bunch of girls and guys find interest in. He definitely have this sex-appeal, and that's probably one of the reason he was picked to be the face of the campaign, sex sells, and Armani applied that theory to a "t". 

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