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Every month means a new issue, and every issue translates to a new story, editorial and layouts, it almost seems like every issue signifies a new window into the future of fashion, what's next?, who's the next big thing?, and what's hot for next season?. As a future editor, I feel like it's my job to translate fashion in a more commercial way to the masses, those people who pick up the latest issue of French Vogue, even when they are broke as hell ( I include myself on that group). There is this innocent obsession I have with fashion magazines, which is part I decide to become an editor. I find great interest on how other people dress, reviewing collections from all over the world, admiring at the ads from top designers and various brands, reading Andre Leon Talley's "Life With Andre" stories and Anna's "Editor's Letters" in Vogue. I believe having versatility and a keen eye for fashion is a great plus towards becoming an editor, besides possessing a wide knowledge of the industry, being able to perform different tasks within the editing field is such an advantage and might make a difference between reaching a peak position or remaining at the base. In effect, I try to read as many fashion publications as I can get my hands on, from Italian Vogue to Complex, and Elle to Vibe. Recently I been picking up on DNR and WWD, which are great. There are so many fashion magazines publish each month around the world that If I could get them all on my mailbox, I would, even if they all don't fit in it, I'll tell the mailman to drop the rest on my door. 
Vogue is definitely the leader publication on what fashion has to offer, and it's probably the first fashion magazine I picked up and the first on "The Ones I Need to Get" list, besides having an illustrious history and an undeniable list of the best editors there was, including one of my favorites, Diana Vreeland, the inner content and diligent staff is what keeps the magazine a float and by "staff", I mean editors, photographers, contributors, assistants, and everybody who makes an effort to bring out a great product every month, which to some is considered a drug or a bible, to that extent!.
To further my knowledge and satisfy my curiosity on what's going on in Europe, I pick up Italian and French Vogue. Their offices are a couple of hours away but their contents are so far apart. Italian Vogue has this European flare and glamour with an eclectic and mysterious look to it while French Vogue has a straight-up runway/unwearable skin with a playful way to showcase their fashion, regardless of their differences I love them both. To be honest, I don't dominate neither language, but their editorials do not need any explanation, they speak for themselves and always convey a strong message, which I adore. Not to sound cocky or anything of that sort, sometimes I can just spot a dress and tell who made it, since I'm hooked to the latest shows on the fashion network and different fashion related sites, I just simply keep up. 
To my understanding, the cover is technically as important as the content, since it's the first thing the reader sees, having a great eye-catching cover can potentially increase the sales of that certain issue. Vogue has been criticized in the past for featuring celebrities on the cover instead of models such as Korean or Australian Vogue, which may sound bias but I can understand why Anna Wintour would pick Cameron Diaz for the June 2009 cover, over a regular issue model such as Abbey Lee Kershaw, not to downgrade the beauty and talent from the young Aussie, but let's get real. You may have never heard of Abbey Lee Kershaw before, but you might have seen Cameron Diaz in different movies, red carpets or TV events, so if you happen to walk past a magazine or news stand you can easily spot Cameron than a rather unfamiliar face such as Abbey which might lead to you buying the issue. Also, having the right person on the cover can attract a new clientele, look at the March issue of Vogue which featured first lady Michelle Obama. That brought a lot of speculation and caused a lot of frenzy not only in the fashion community but also in some political segments of the nation. In the other hand, there were some serious rumors that Rihanna was a possible candidate to grace one of the future covers of Vogue, but all the rumors faded when not-so-appropriate pictures of the singer started to leak into the internet. Vogue has always maintained a serious and very prestigious face when it comes to picking the star to grace one of their covers and Rihanna dismissed her long awaited opportunity into becoming one of those, and don't get me wrong I love her music and sense of style, she has now become into this style icon that a lot of girls are trying to emulate and follow, which is probably one of the reason she was a strong candidate to become that "cover girl". However, I feel like everybody deserves a second chance, and she might get a break from Anna, you never know. I'm really excited to see what these magazines may unveil in the next couple of months; new stories, new editorials but most importantly new fashion. 
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