Versace Men S/S 2010

Whenever I hear the word Versace, I immediately associate it with the word sexy. The name carries so much history within and posses such an influence in the world of fashion. Versace evokes a certain sensuality and seduction yet with a powerful, youthful and super-sophisticated demeanor that most fashion conscious people would like to project. Donatella Versace, the current creative director of the house has managed to reinvent the brand. It has transcended from this sex-kitten, vixen girl or a super simple, yet extremely color-daring type of man into a more refined version of the original look of the late Gianni Versace.
Reviews of previous Men's collections over the past seasons have not been the most exciting. In effect, the sassy and super-italian, Donatella Versace teamed up with Cloak's Alexandre Plokhov. The unusual duo decided to take a tourney to the middle east and trace northern African roots for next Spring/Summer. I was more than delighted to see such a cool and fresh colour palette on the runway. There were shades of ivory, beige, white, and sand, while for evening, the Versace Men opts for black, tones of sandstone grey and touches of aqua and orange.
Noah Mills opened up the show, sporting this crisp ivory-colored jacket under a light grey djellaba, which ended up being a pivotal element in the collection. The show continued on and the runway started to get steamy. The different flavors of models came out in sleeveless, almost see-thru tops and fitted, very seductive swim trunks, which I thought looked hot!. For this season, I felt like there was more emphasis drawn into the accessories. The excess of necklaces with the sunglasses hanging off the neck of some of the models added a touch of coolness to the collection. I personally loved the waist-belts, which after looking at the rest of collections shown in Milan and Paris, seemed to be a key trend for next Spring/Summer.
The intimate setting of the "Versace Teatro", contributed to the nonchalant mood of the presentation. For this season, the look seemed more relaxed, evident by the looser fit of the pants and the somewhat flowy feel of the printed silk shirts that literally screamed "Let's get it on".
Pixs source: style.com

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