so this spring let's get sprung

shot by Emma Summerton, styled by Edward Enninful

The 2010 spring/summer edition of i-D magazine, themed "The Home is Where the Heart Is" features three covers with three girls of the moment, this one above features Freja Beja Erichsen, photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by fashion director Edward Enninful. The other two covers can be seen here (I like Natalia Vodianova's cover but I'm going to use it in a future post for a different reason). This cover certainly reminds of a lemonade ad campaign, I don't exactly remember where I seen it, but it looks dope as hell. Freja is one of those models who are as versatile as a chameleon, she can effortlessly change directions with her look, and I feel that's one of the reason so many designers like her. They can put her on the most beautiful dress and high heels and send her out the runway, though her walk is not as fierce as Natasha Poly's she still sells the garment, or they can either edge her out and dress her in a leather jacket and baggy jeans, rocking a pompadour and she gets the shot. I think she's quite underrated but I still want to se her in Vogue more often no matter what she's wearing.

The photographs below just exemplifies what's I'm referring to. There she is wearing the Miu Miu collared shirt with all these sunflowers and naked women printed all over it, playing with a toothpick on her mouth and rocking the pompadour hairdo that we seen in the mens runway this season. On the next picture, I think she's wearing LV with curls and the last one she's wearing that crystals Prada dress that you're probably tired of seeing since it has been shot in every magazine by now, but seriously, that's one of those iconic shots that she's probably going to frame and hang in her hallway, and when she's like 50 she's going to look back and say "Even with my eyes being covered by my hair, I still sold that dam Prada dress"...And I love her tat "float" on her neck, just makes me want to get one, but then I'll get fired.

Then there was this editorial featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw shot again by Emma Summerton and styled by Charlotte Stockdale that looks as good as drinking Sobe after great sex. I mean these shots are on a different level. I just wonder how the whole thought process was developed between these two. 

"OK, for this editorial let's make her look like a combination between a slutty astro girl and Kate Moss and airbrush her in gold and put her in some Mcqueen titanic shoes, and let's call it a day."

Source: fashiongonerogue.com

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