I'm Not Dead. I'm Still Swinging.

As I get older, and transcend into a new year, I ponder upon the unique experiences that have occurred, while somehow I managed to get a grip on them, since I feel they occurred too quickly. Among them; moving to D.C., attending a numerous amounts of shows (whenever I say show, I'm talking about fashion shows, ok!), getting my phone stolen and breaking my ankle the same night (matter that would be addressed on a different post), styling gigs (I recently assisted my friend Walter on a shoot for Washington Life Magazine with dancers from the Washington Ballet. I haven't seen the pictures on print yet, though the issue should be on newsstands now, show me some love), and meeting one of my fashion heroes Robin Givhan (I have a picture of the extremely aberrant, surreal-like, unforeseen rendezvous-esque, but I would upload it as soon as I can get my phone to work, but seriously I feel like I have to blow up the picture, frame it and put it up somewhere). 

I been also given the opportunity to write for theurbantwist.com to share my thoughts on the whole "urban" culture. One of my favorite articles was my humble critique on the 2010 American Music Awards red carpet. I praised a few, but I had to cut others. I strongly feel when you're a "relevant" celebrity in the limelight, there is not an excuse to look half-ass. It would be biased if I didn't acknowledge the stylist, but again, many artist don't credit their stylist(s), unless they're asked, or given a shout-out. Willow Smith's stylist had to be penned down anonymously for plagiarism, you will learn about it (if you don't already) once you read the article. 

I been jamming to few songs lately. They may not be your favorite artist, or your preferred genre, but I'm developing a penchant for them. The Jazmine Sullivan's 10 seconds is the perfect feminist anthem, perhaps it's her way of telling a past fling the brief time he lasted in bed, but the message is still ambiguous if you ask me. And I love Lady Gaga's remix, it's the perfect background melody for a night full of lust.