Jodie & Marc

The minute the last model exited the very non-traditonal Marc Jacobs runway last September, I couldn't help but acknowledge the strikingly similarity with actress Jodie Foster, or should I say, Iris Steensma in 1976's Taxi Driver (I was nowhere near conception by that time, that should give you an idea of my age). Some of the editors that attended the show (I saw it live) credited Foster for the source of inspiration for the collection. To my best of my knowledge, Marc never mentioned her as such, but I'm sure there was at least a tiny picture of Foster pinned among many others in the inspiration board. Besides the libidinous 70's Saint Laurent references and the vague Missoni kaleidoscopic patterns, there is no denying the Foster sensibility was palpable in a satin hotpant suit, diaphanous chiffon halter dresses and off-the-shoulder peasant blouses. Marc managed to subconsciously capture the innocence of Foster without looking passe or naive. 

When his 2011 Spring/Summer ad shot by Juergen Teller featuring models Caroline Brasch Nielsen (above) and Masha Kirsanova surfaced the web and now appearing in glossies, only purports the resemblance of the two. The big Coddintong-esque frizzy hair and straw hats, and granny upside down glasses add to my belief. 

Ken Downing said it best, "saffron, curry, with mahogany spice shades are absolutely just yummy".

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You are definitely a man of fashion, no doubt about it. I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a very well rounded and thought out opinion.