Take A Bite - Chad White

If you claim to be a "fashion person" and you never heard the name Chad White before, then you might need to reconsider your denomination. I'm talking about non-label-whorish-fashion-person here people. Anyways, I first spotted Chad at some Dolce & Gabbana show, I can't recall which season it was, but I when I saw this impossibly more beautiful specimen some kinky images started to formulate on my mind, which I can't share with you guys since this is a family-oriented blog, seriously. My eyes were not fixated on the clothes, but I couldn't ignore his cherub, baby face, and acknowledge the chiseled abs, which makes me wonder; Isn't that what every cougar wants? Is Chad White a cougar magnet? (If you're a cougar let me know, I'm just curious, I won't tell anybody). 

White has walked for some of the most influential designers int he world including: Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Ralph Lauren. His face has graced ad campaigns such as Hugo Boss, Rugby, Loewe, Gant; and has been featured in major glossies such as Love, Winq, GS Style Russia, L' Officiel Hommes and Vogue China Men. 

Backstage at the Fall/Winter 2008 Perry Ellis show during an interview with models.com, the Portland, Oregon native reveled his relentless dedication to his career, "I do work out a lot, when I have a shoot coming up, I go a little crazy, not crazy, but crazy (in a sense where) I just go a little extreme, because I'm so hard on myself." It's valid to add that a good chunk of male models are blessed with athletic, rapid-fat-burning-12-pack-abs genes, where a religious workout regime, like the rest of us, is not necessary. In the brief interview, he also mentions that he enjoys playing basketball, baseball, football and soccer, and reveals that his favorite baseball player is Alex Rodriguez (a.k.a A-Rod, a.k.a Madonna's ex fling). 

Back in February of 2008, he appeared on the cover "UK's best selling gay magazine" (according to them) Attitude, lensed by Mat Irwin and styled by Luke Day, in an editorial dubbed "The Gladiator". It's only befitting, he would grace "The Hot Issue" shirtless, with a couple of black belts wrapped around his waist, arm, and across his chest (I don't know about the armpits). I love the concept, styling, props, and overall composition of the pictures. There is taste here. I'm glad they didn't put him in a too small, much too revealing speedo, pour water in it (so his manhood delineates a protruding print) objectifying him as a sex toy. True, gay magazines tend to do that, but the best ones manage to produce pictures with though-provoking substance that you will not find in Playgirl. 

Chad's impressive portfolio exists beyond these eight mere images, I'm sure you can find some of his editorials all over the net. I wish I could post every single one I like, but that would be too chaotic and boring. Trust me, if you missed seeing his sexy Oregonian butt on the runway, don't worry, his agency just released a very casual picture, though he looks red-neck-ish, he might be back on the runway sooner than ever (hopefully next season). 

Now, don't you want to take a bite? I know I do. Sign me up!


Corve DaCosta said...

I love his work.

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oh my goodness. I can't bring myself to type what I really want to say hahaha, so I'll just say oh.my.goodness. He's yummy.

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thanks for the comments.

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He is a piece of sexy. I like him!!!

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

@Elisa - I like him too lol