In The Meantime

I been getting a few different responses, though they might not show up on the comments section, about my previous post on Kobe's spread for LA Times Magazine. And they seem fair, but the ones that made me stop and wonder were the ones that had some type of reasoning behind it. After all, fashion makes sense to some but not all. 

While I'm working on my next post, I want to leave you all my sexy readers with a song that you probably heard on the radio already (means that I'm super late, yet again), but it's going to be added on my ipod as soon as I can fix this iTunes problem. It's "Memories" by David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi. (Guetta is one of the most commercially successful and musically-gifted  DJ's in the world, enough said). I like Kid Cudi not only for his "soft" approach to a genre of music that is known for its machismo and by soft I don't mean sissy. In the past from what I seen from this young man (sounding like I'm old, but I'm younger than him) is that he has fun with fashion and he's not afraid to take chances (so he's good on my book). I think I read somewhere that he got discovered working at a Bape store in NYC, I might be wrong but it's a compelling story. As Cudi freely expresses his sense of style, I wish more artist would naturally demonstrate that as well, instead of letting a stylist pull all their clothes and leaving them with no voice. But then that's another story for another post. 

Photos via interviewmagazine.com

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