Two Australia's Beauties in Two Covers

photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Fashion objectives women and GQ puts them on their covers so all those straight men can get a kick. And interestingly enough, every time a woman is in the cover, she is half-naked, maybe wearing a top revealing part of  her chest, and I don't know what going on down there. In addition, to bolster up the erotic factor, she looks ready to go to bed but no to go to sleep, so I hope you know what I mean. This cover shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin featuring Victoria's Secret Miranda Kerr just proves my point. Nonetheless, the girl looks hot. Her eyes are captivating and her body is just sick.

Miranda Kerr walked last season for Balenciaga, a shock to everybody. A Victoria's Secret model walking for one of the oldest and most un-sexy fashion houses in Paris? It seemed dubious, but when she came out almost walking in such robotic form, with a straight face and lack of grace wearing a black leather jacket and skirt, it washed out our previous notion of what a model in general truly is. It's ok to sell lingerie and walk down a runway wearing angel wings or even wear that million bucks bra with sparkling diamonds, and expect to become a supermodel just by being that? Where's the high-fashion gloss? I don't think Naomi now can't fit into a size 0, or even Giselse into a size 2, well now that she just delivered a child, sounds unfair, but you get the point. I don't think big designers were going to cast these type of Amazonian women to their shows along with the regular spaghetti-skinny models until now. For the fall shows there was a sense of desire to embrace the "real" women. The one with curves, and hips and breast. Not the girls. And that's where these type of women (though she looks very innocent and angelic, to me she looks like she had this naughty side, you know what they say, the innocent ones end up being the freakiest one) come in, who in ended up in shows like Prada and Louis Vuitton.

I like how the spread has nothing to do with the clothes, but with the girl. I seen editorials where the girl in it has no clothes and still evokes a story that has a sense of fashion or is printed in a high-fashion magazine, but in this case I just see a lot of tanned tender flesh. I mean in one picture she has a bikini, there is the other one where she is laying in her stomach revealing a very obvious tanned-line, which looks kinda hot, with her breast blocked by a sign that says "angel", and the last one she's wearing a white set with tiny flower cut-outs. I don't think straight men would even care if she's wearing this season's Versace, which they're completely oblivious of, but then again I want more clothes, but I still want the sex. In another note, I was also wondering how GQ now, or at least this particular issue can be taken as a soft-porn issue. I can perfectly picture some old country mom in the middle of Mississippi discovering this issue under her the pillow of her 16 year old son, "For Goodness' sake, Bob is reading this!?!" And, who is this girl anyways?" Priceless

I love this cover of the June edition of Australian Vogue for two reasons. One, because Samantha Harris, who is an aboriginal model from Australia is in it. Right now, this girl is like Britney in Australia, everyone wants a piece of her. Just imagine a native american girl somehow making her way to the top and for some odd reason she lands the cover of American Vogue, sort of like a Gisele moment. But it's that massive. She just walked for 18 designers in Sydney for Australian Fashion Week, one of those designers was spotted by Vogue's Lynn Yaeger, his name is Dion Lee, apparently the next big thing in Australian fashion. I'm glad people are willing to make the change in the other side of the world. I think Australians also know that beauty is a wide spectrum and appreciate all its aspects. When interview by The Independent, Samantha said, "I spend my childhood wondering why you had to have blonde hair and blue eyes to do well in modeling competitions, so I'm proud that a girl with my looks might make it" she adds, "My aboriginal heritage is very important to me. I'd like to be a role model to other indigenous girls." How inspiring, I hope to see her face more often come next season.

The other thing I'm excited about this cover is that yellow Pucci long sleeve gown. When I saw it walking down the runway I just knew it had to either end up on the cover of some edition of Vogue or in some hot red carpet. I mean the dress just screams "GLAMOUR AND SEX!!!" And it looks amazingly good on her. Next to it, there is a picture of the layout page where she's wearing Balenciaga of this season. Love it. I can't wait to get the issue. 


7Teen Twenty2 said...

these covers are absolutely amazing, love the GQ cover


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