This is Why...


When Gaga was shot by a sea of paparazzi at a Tokyo airport carrying a white Hermes scribbled on the front of it 'I love little monsters" in Katakana in what seems to be sincere sign of devotion to her fans was just a glimpse of what was to come on her stay in Japan. On April 10, 2010 (so that means I'm super late) Ms. Gaga performed at a charity concert for people living with H.I.V and to support the MAC's Viva Glam campaign. Not only this women is amazingly talented but she also has a heart that at times is unfortunately overshadow by her plumery. As usual, she gives a show, and I mean A SHOW. The white powdery yellow big wig worn with this white lace bodysuit just added more drama to her show. I'm pretty sure her Japanese fans were satisfied. And check out the  last picture. YES!

Photos via gettyimages.com