My Black is Beautiful - Part 1

It was February earlier this year and for some it signified beads-trowing, flesh-flashing Mardi Gras festivities, or a romantic date on Valentines (another excuse to wear red), but for a major part of the American population, that month was a celebration on the achievements of African-descendants in America, Black History Month. I've expressed in the past that I'm not African-American but I'm Afro-Peruvian. My ancestors are derived from Spain, Africa and Peru (Inca), which is where I was born and raised. I've been taught since I was a child to accept and appreciate people who are not exactly like me, in term of race or color, creed, origin, etc. When I immigrated to America about 10 years ago I've acknowledged the fact that I was part of a bigger family, this one that through perseverance, tolerance and hard-work have arisen to such levels to place a man of its kind in the White House. 

If you were to look into my February posts, I failed to mentioned any kind of Black History Month inkling in any form and as I young Afro-descendant I feel that I sort of blatantly overlook such important time in my community. As a result, I wanted to find a way through my blog to celebrate my community in the field of fashion. Highlighting those who come from minority groups who through it all have managed to achieve a respectable positions in the industry, which is what I very hope for myself. I always felt that minorities in the industry are overlook, underestimated and not fairly exposed. Such is the case with models, designers, editors, etc. I strongly believe that this industry needs a richer cultural-diversity, though it's growing its acceptance for "ethnic" types, there is still more work to do. So "My Black is Beautiful" posts would be dedicated to those minorities, especially the African-American, celebrating and expanding our undeniable influence in a industry that has been historically built upon those shoulders and creative minds of world-community individuals. 

The beautifully refreshing images you see above and those below feature Phily native Sessilee Lopez shot by photographer Xevi Muntane for the 2010 April edition of Harper's Bazaar Spain. I love just the fact that Sessilee is one of those models that have so many appealing attributes such as sultry eyes, tender lips, and a cute silhouette and does never look vulgar nor inappropriate unlike some black women I see daily indecorously exposing their privates and seem to be proud of it, que horror! For some reason when I see this young lady on the catwalk, it sort of reminds of Naomi a bit. I know her walk is not as ferocious as Naomi's but she commands this presence that to me is as alarming as Ms. Campbell. Now let's get to the fashion. I don't know who the stylist on duty was, though I like the simple and sexy approach, I still wanted to see more glamour. I wish there was at least one dress that could pop with Sessilee's skin color. I like the fact how the sun rays reflect on the accessories, but does not take away from the clothes, nor the model. There is still a sense of style and attitude in this shoot that can ultimately inspire its readers. 

Photos via fashiongonerogue.com


Jennifer Fabulous said...

What a lovely post! These photos are stunning and Sessilee is the perfect model for this tribute to African Americans. Black women make up a large percentage of the most beautiful women in the world, in my opinion. :)

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thank you for great post


amazing images

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thanks everybody for the positive comments!

Prutha said...

following u!! xoxo

cocktail of fashion said...

These pictures are simply amazing & Sessilee Lopez is just stunning!