I must come clean and admit I'm not a big Ebony reader. However, I must give recognition to an illustrious trajectory of Ebony for celebrating and informing the African American community. In case you were not aware, this November the magazine is celebrating its 65th Anniversary, and to commemorate the milestone a selected group of artists are recreating yesteryears actors as they were feature in past iconic covers. Some of the celebs shot were Taraji P. Henson as Diahann Carroll (I was vaguely getting a Marilyn Monroe vibe), John Legend as Duke Ellington (super classic, I'm not too crazy about the invisible tie though), Blair Underwood as Sidney Poitier and Lamman Rucker as Richard Roundtree. 

On their website, there is a short video of Ebony Magazine Chairman, Linda Johnson Rice on national television (I'm still not sure what show it is), talking about this great accomplishment. She points out the evolution of the magazine, from their first issue in 1945, a black and white photo as a cover of kids huddle together, Rice mentions the message behind it, "saving our children, our youth". The 2010 November issue features R&B singer Mary J. Blige, Usher, actor Samuel L. Jackson and actress Taraji P. Henson. The fact that everybody is wearing a subdue color such as grey in this case, makes for a cohesive cover, and resulting in the tittle in red to jump off the photo. Kudos to the Ebony art and design team. 

Furthermore, she briefly speaks of the history of the magazine, "They really worked together as a team, my mother named the magazine Ebony, my father borrowed $500 from his mother so he could start the magazine. My mother spent her time in the basement of their apartment building stuffing subscription envelops. They both had a dream and they both were discipline. And they believe that there needed to be a magazine that really show African Americans in a very positive light, because there wasn't such a thing at that time".  

These are the type of stories that imbue me. A low-income couple living in discriminatory times, face the issues at front, come up with a publication that represents their own community in a positive way, fast forward 65 years of dedication and hard work, now look what they have accomplish. How inspiring is that?

Below check out the behind the scenes of the shoot done at a hot residence in L.A (check out that pool). Editor-in-chief, Amy Dubois Barnett with photographers Keith Major and Marc Baptiste choreographing the shoot along with stylist Mario Wilson. There are cameos by gospel singer Yolanda Adams and Nia Long (shooting with balloons). In another note, Blair Underwood and Omar Epps look so good to me. I want some chocolate. 


ABIGAIL NY said...

Been loving the covers where they used modern celebrities with legends from past covers!


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Lovely editorial photos.. Ebony is a such a good magazine