Prada Goodies

Since I'm on my Prada swag, I want to expound my musings on the collection. When these accessories came down the runway last September, they unintentionally ensued a fashion orgasm within me. It was a vision of the exaggerated, grandiose and obvious. The eyewear, with huge oval shaped lenses with baroque curlicues arms, looked like something Willy Wonka from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory would wear. The other set looked more commercial, in shades of baby blue and shocking orange. At one point I thought they look something out of a sci-fi movie, then I thought something a scientist with interest in fashion would buy in case he works with highly chemical tools, or something like that. 

Now let's ponder about these shoes. But calling these mere shoes are unjust, more like "work of art", but that still sounds cliche (if you have a better proposal, drop it in the comments section). The first glimpse of the footwear for next season came in the form of an orthopedic-sneaker-spadrill-platfrom-bottie with baroque and Victorian references. Just the words alone don't make sense in my head, but having a visual representation of such brings a smile to my face and creates a feeling of anguish, excitement and uncertainty. I wonder how this style, especially, transforms into retail, and how all these different women across the globe would wear them. Then something out of Alice in Wonderland (reminds me of the fat, black & fuchsia, gender-bending, mischievous cat that mysteriously appears and disappears out of thin air) manifests on the runway: striped fuchsia/black and green/black combinations on heavy, yet sexy pumps. Finally, we see the artisanal craftsmanship of Prada, those meticulous and painstakingly handmade weaving shown on platforms and heels, just otherworldly. Photos edited by Nick Fulcher


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