Monkeys And Cherubs

One of the sublime qualities of fashion is that it challenges established notions on life, and one of the greatest practitioners of such conduct is Miuccia Prada. There is that "something" about her adept process of formulating ideas and the brand she carries on her shoulders that leaves me (and most of the world, or at least fashion folks) almost on the edge to observe what she's going to send down the runway. Nobody knows what it is 'til show time, I guess that's her mischievous way of making us suffer months, expecting the unexpected (now I'm making "Miuccia Prada" sound like medicine). The woman has a cult-following bigger than the population in India and stronger than the United Nations and that should not come as a surprise. She has been one of the most prolific and influential designers in the last decade, and counting. 

The collection she presented for next spring/summer was one of those that makes you think (as any other Prada collection), rethink, analyze, ponder for minutes or maybe days, and create your own conclusion regardless of her personal own. There is usually a slightly inconspicuous underlaying message and a variety of references, emotions and ideas in the air by the time the last model exists the runway.

Prada Spring/Summer 2011
(The selection of runway shots I used synthesized the whole collection in my opinion)

In the past some of the references she pulled from where from the mundane: cave-man fishing, blissful imagery on the beach, fairytales, and whatnot. This time there was 20's actress, dancer and singer Josephine Baker in spirit, chirpy monkeys, cartoonish-looking bananas, scrubs, 17th century cherubs and Mexico. A melange of ideas that most designers would stay away from, she fronted them head on. Though these references has little to do with each other, she managed to make sense of it all. 

I love the idea of taking something so unfashionably horrible such as pair of scrubs, injecting them with shots of vivid colors such as an electric blue, pare it with the most odd-looking shoes, grab a acid-dyed fur stole, put some silver eye shadow, and get to walking. The "Prada look" is known to hold some type of a ugly/beautiful aesthetic, there is always something off, little bizarre, or at times a thought of wtf might cross your mind. But underneath of it all there is something so strangely beautiful, naive, tender, or even magical. Unfortunately, some of us can't see that.  

Stripes are going to be major for next spring, and Miuccia delivered a few options. She presented them in high waisted skirts, loose-fitting summery dresses (vaguely reminded me of what women would wear to the beach in the 20s or 30s), cropped tops with angular shoulders, and a spaghetti-straps dress with ruffled hem. As expected, there is always the "Prada twist". Some of the cropped tops featured stripes of different girths and colors, a few combinations included: green, white blue; white and blue, or orange, black and fuchsia. The color combinations alone, remind me of a fruit salad (hence the bananas), but then she managed to work those colors so seamlessly, resulting in a visual-appealing display of stripes.  

In Addition, I would like to touch on the bananas and monkeys. Miuccia told Tim Blanks from style.com the collection was "bold, bright, obvious" and that can be interpreted in different manners. The word "bold" to me means confidence, to some signifies abrasiveness and I would go to such heights and equate it to ostentatiousness. Regardless, she found something bold on a bunch of primates and a fruit shaped like a phallus. There is evidently an animal-food correlation here but what's the message trying to be told? Be bold as monkeys? Adopt a monkey and eat bananas because they're a good source of potassium? It's an open field, but that would be too stupid to be presented in such formal fashion, but Miuccia was certainly attempting to make a point. I perceived, "be bold, defy life". 


Nadine2point0 said...

I was so distracted with the make-up for this show - I liked some of the pieces like the one you have pictured here...the 2nd one. That blue!

Wobrain said...

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MalibuMara said...

I love that.
Great post,
I liked this collection too,
i want the one with the bananas on it :)

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

@Nadine - I thought the make-up done by Pat brought and interesting factor to the look. I thought it was something unexpected.

@Wobrain - Thanks for commenting, I already checked it out, looks pretty dope, make sure you follow.

@Malibu Thanks for your comment, the banana shirt was one of my favs.

melou said...

love this!

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

@Melou Thank you. I hope you follow the blog.