I'm a gypsy and Nicki Minaj is massive

My knowledge of the music industry is not vast, though it's still greater than football, but I'd still like to give my two cents on the topic. I wanted to post this a while back, but since I'm a horrible blogger, and I obviously have time management issues, I'm delayed and I'm posting this now. However, I'm still preparing post topics in advance so your noisy behinds come back to still blog. Hey! you can't blame me, I just want what every blogger out there wants; hits, views, gifts, comments, money and subscribers/followers. But yeah I still like music and stuff

Shakira - Gypsy
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It was around 2:00 in the morning, I was laying next to my friend on his bed and I couldn't go to sleep, he then suggested to turn the T.V on. I kept surfing the channels and I stop at MTV Jams. They were playing assorted music videos, but most of them were repetitive, so I changed the channel, a few minutes later I change it back to the aforemetioned channel and I see Shakira making out laying on the ground with this man with no shirt on, who at first I was not completely clear of his identity. Then I'm like, is that Rafael Nadal? The tennis player? The video itself reaffirmed my doubt. Yes, that was him (btw I do follow the sport). Frankly speaking, I was a lil' shocked. The world has grown to become accustomed to see Shakira in her videos with little clothes on, not leaving much to the imagination, and hypnotizing men by seductively moving her hips from side to side. But this time, I felt she had more things going at once that probably made me stop and continue to watch the rest of the video. I guess the decadent background gave me a different perspective and then there was Nadal with no shirt on looking hot and everything. The guy is hot, let's clear this out the way, not only his butt is amazing but his upper body as well. Just imagine him approaching you like a matador with a up-to-no-good smirk donning nothing but jeans while he's making you surrender to the ground with just his presence then he steals a kiss from you. I guess Shakira did not only score a #1 hit song (I hope) but also a hunk. She managed to give us flesh, and this time it wasn't hers.

While wrapping this post up, I find this guy on facebook, his name is Lee Pierre Zillions, whose work truly speaks for itself. I found this image of Nicki on one of his albums and I thought it would befit this post. I love his way with pencil. His shadowing skills are flawless and his eye for art is inevitably good. I sensed that from the first glimpse of his work. I can relate to him in a deeper level. Before I got into fashion I was submerged in art, and well I still do, but even more back then, it was sort of an outlet for me to get things out and express myself without saying a word, it was my confidante, my soulmate, my supporter. Not to sound stereotypical but it's refreshing to see young black men excel in other things besides basketball and rap, and still be crazy good at it. I'm glad I found him and I thank him for letting me post this image here. Hopefully Lee would let me post more of his work on this blog (hint, hint). You can find more of him on his blog, and here.

Nicki Minaj - "Massive Attack" Official Video
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OK, now let's get to Nicki. But first and foremost, I'm a big hip-hop/rap fan, besides all this controversies and backlash this genre of music has suffered, I still see the art in it. I view some of these men and women as lyricist, poets, and sometimes survivors or victims of their own community who only manifest what they seen or lived. It's this aspect of this type of music that I appreciate, though sometimes, I don't necessarily completely fathom every single word that's coming out their tamed mouths, but I still enjoy the beats and rhythm. Matter of fact, whenever I feel down I listen to hip-hop. It sort of gives me enough confidence and energy to keep me going through my day. So I guess I sympathize with 50 C. and company. Furthermore, I'm feeling Nicki's vibe. I like her attitude and style of being, representing for the "weaker" gender, while making her counterparts bow to her presence. At the beginning, when I first heard her name I was not fully sold on this young lady from NY sporting a pink wig and self-titled the "(black) Barbie". But then I started hearing her music popping online and on TV -- then I started believing. There is no question here she has talent, she has this way with words, a talent I wish I would master sometime. It reminds me a bit to Missy, who I love, but I feel Nicki's form is catchier, wittier, and posses a tough approach, without loosing a feminine appeal. I think that has been part of her successful ascend to a position where she can pull of music videos like this one above.

When I first saw it in it's entirely, it sort of reminded me of Rihanna's "Hard" ft. Young Jeezy. I though both videos had a militant approach, but Rihanna's choice of fashion was above Nicki's. It's obvious that Rihanna's team know  a thing or two about fashion and I assume they done enough research on the subject, so the best fittings designers' garbs were selected for her to display/give free ad. And it all worked for me, it contained great musical content, while it revealed Rihanna's eccentric love for fashion. I feel in this video Nicki still gave enough Nicki, is that rawness that she depicts on the videos and images I see she's feature on. I love the beat, it's sticky, and to me it sounds new, you might disagree since you might have a more extensive knowledge of music history but there is something about this that I enjoy. Sean Garrett who wrote and is feature in this song looks to me like a hot chocolate bar melting in the desert. I know it might sound ludicrous, but this man, not only being musically talented, he has this sex-appeal that I like, I don't know if it's his swagger or style of voice, but I'm attracted to that type of guys, but anyways..I just feel this video has strong elements that are definitely going to place Nicki in a higher platform, whether some may like it or not.


Lee Pierre Zillions said...

I'm officially following your blog. I ♥ this! Thanks! I agree wit you, it's great when we as black men can have a wide array of interests than the stereotype so props to you as well. And yea Nicki has a lot of haters, but I think that this album is gonna be an even greater breakthrough for her. You know enough about music at least to blog about it, and it's a good mesh with fashion so keep it up. =)

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thanks Lee, I'm following your blog now

Anonymous said...

it was very interesting to read. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can? And you et an account on Twitter?.