Vogue Italia says....

If I was a 40 year old man who does not know shit nothing about fashion and happens to pick up an issue of the April issue of Vogue Italia and flip through the pages and stop at this editorial call "Shrink to Fit", photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by Karl Templer, the first thoughts that would come to mind would be...

...I guess the message to women here is to glue their hair, rip their clothes, wear too-small tops and pair socks with everything.

But thank God I know a thing or two about fashion and I hope women out there who follow fashion or even read Vogue Italia have the abilities to differentiate between reality from fantasy, an editorial to a real life setting. In other words I hope I don't see girls walking on U street with something similar to this unless your name is Gaga or Erykah Badu.

Now let's tighten up our belts. If I was a non-fashion person, even worse close-minded individual, ignorant, with no formal education, living in a third world country, not demeaning those progressive people who I had the chance to meet who descent from such countries. Matter of fact, I come from one, so no hard feelings here. But my point is if I was not exposed or posses such skills to fathom art, in a form of fashion, or in this case an editorial that displays fashion in an unconventional form, I would hate this pictures at first glance. But after a second look and truly understanding the meaning behind this story, I see the light and beauty in it. Hope you too.

Miuccia Prada is going to be so happy about this

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