Interview Time

Just a few days ago I got a voicemail form one of my good friend and fellow fashion blogger Ashley to be featured on her blog for a segment dubbed "A Guys Point of View", where I give my outlook on fashion and whatnot. I couldn't answered her call because I was at the movie theater with a friend watching "Clash of The Titans", but when we got out I call her back and I gladly accepted. We set up a time, she came over and we got things goings, she previously told me she wanted to interview me outside and I was ok with that, but I never expected to be so windy that day, ugh. We walked to this little park right across from my place and I spotted this ragged wooden bench that looked familiar. After we barely got done with the first question, we started noticing mother nature was not helping; we started quivering, we experienced difficulty talking, it was not a very comfortable situation, so we dashed back to my house, grabbed her a jacket and for myself as well and we got back on it (noticed how in the intro I was only wearing a shirt, then while I was sitting on the bench I appeared with a jacket on).

If you haven't noticed yet, I was slightly sick, my allergies were getting the best of me, the wind was causing tears to form and drop down my face, but I think I managed. I think because I was a bit under the weather, I couldn't really formulate the answers that I wanted, not trying to sound snobby nor know-it-all smart-ass but I wanted to hit every part of the question, I wanted to keep it short and sweet, but also give an insightful and concrete respond. The questions were practical and easy, nothing out of the ordinary, but after watching the video I looked a bit lost, and sort of stumbled with my words. I guess at that time I had so many ideas running through my head, while trying to sort them all out and express them in a coherent form. Surprisingly, this clip sort of brings a fresh inner-perspective on my speaking skills, I always thought my writing abilities are far better than my speaking abilities, and I still believe that applies to most people, but it's not a question that it's a bit challenging at times for me to speak proper english though I try and I hope people get what I'm saying. 

I'm taking this as a learning experience, it was fun being interview by a friend who I known for about four years. I can only hope next time I'm being interview I give more eloquent and straight forward answers. And don't forget follow me on twitter @jimmydelastyle

You can find more info on Ashley on her blog


Corve said...

Great job on this. Cool


Cut the sleaves and combine with a tshirt? Hmmm I think I rock this....

We are all our own worst critic. As a viewer I think you did a great Jimmy!!