Mamma Wintour On The Cover of Industrie

Let me get on this before the whole blogosphere hops on. I was perusing last night and I found this image that made my heart jump of jubilation, literally. It's my adopted mother, editor-of-the-world, a.k.a., editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. I mean can you say thank you, no, really. There she is hiding in her eponymous dark Chanel sunglasses, impeccably outfitted in what seems to be a Chanel suit (or it might be Oscar?, or Balenciaga?, if you know let me know), parting her way into some hot event. I mean can you say "Aura!!!!"

According to their website, Industrie is a biannual magazine that is "dedicated to presenting an independent, in-depth look at the fashion industry. Going behind the scenes to chronicle the personalities, stories and defining moments in the world of fashion". It's also worth mentioning that "Industrie aims to shift focus away from current collections and trends and provide a considered insight into the culture of fashion. Industrie documents the individuals who influence fashion (hence Anna on the cover, duh!) and critically examines the idea who shapes it". In my humble opinion, I don't think the industry needs more "How to wear", "trend obsessed", "DYI" type of magazines because there are plenty of them. So a publication the focuses on the individuals who make things happen, say, behind a fashion house or a magazine is a sweet  and much needed proposal, and putting Anna on the cover, is not a bad idea, actually a very smart move on their part.

I don't know what this magazine entails, but I hope it has little to do with those blurry white and black pictures they have on their website. I mean I don't just want to buy a photobook 'cause I can do that myself, I want the "in-depth" shit they promised. What I hope to see though are those names on the coverlines such as Natalie Massenet from net-a-porter.com; two of my favorite stylists, Panos Yiapanis and Katie Grand; Mr. Demarchelier and top models, Alesandria Ambrosio, Lara Stone and Daria Werbowy

I can already envision a sea of folks running to the newstands and getting an issue just because Anna is on the cover, not knowing what the hell the magazine is about, though it clearly states on the front, most people don't read it anyways, right? I must confess that I don't always read the coverlines, I just go straight for the editorials. Can't blame me.
Photo via fashiongonerogue.com

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