Runway Ready

So I opened my e-mail just a few days ago and guess what I found.

At first I was a bit confused but then when I saw who the sender was I immediately knew what it was all about. The kids at Project Stitch Studio over at West Potomac Academy located in Alexandria, Virginia, are gearing up for their annual fashion show where they'll showcase their senior collections. They show will also feature DC prominent designers; Emorej Couture, Kim Troung and Sam Mintha from Ugglee (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). I'll sure be there, and I only hope the buzz about the show does justice to the garments I'll be seeing down the runway. And I'll obviously write my review on it.

The flyer certainly looks like a magazine cover and Summer, the model featured, looks beautiful in this black deep-v neck long sleeve dress, props to the people who made this flyer hot. 

So don't forget, mark your calendars and if you happen to live around DC, Maryland and Virginia, come and support these talented kids, see you there...

...front row bloggers (hint, hint, wink)

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Corve said...

I thought it was a magazine cover myself. Hopefully you can cover that event. hmmm!