Raquel Zimmerman For Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 09

I wouldn't except nothing less from both parties, the extravagance flare of Mr. Gaultier and the elegance of Raquel, this is truly a hot collaboration and very seductive ad. You really have to give Raquel for putting such an effort and transformation (with the help of stylist, make-up and photoshop, of course), but it's truly such an innovative project that it's going to be in everyone's mouth in Europe, at least. It's a bit freaky when I think about it, but it's amazing how she can look so feminine and masculine at the same time, just by changing clothes and a small twist in postures. There is only a few models who can pull this off, have that diversity and subtlety for this kind of acts, that represents such a high-remarked designer. I just love the fact that it's white and black, because then the emphasis goes to the clothes and the meaning behind it.
Pixs source: models.com

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