Contributor Editor Sexs It Up

"Sex Is Not The Enemy" is tittle for the latest spread on Contributing Editor Magazine, shot by Joe Lally and styled by Kithe Brewster. The shoot also features of the hottest models in the industry one being Chad White and Kerry Degman. The story behind the spread seems to visually narrate the idea of foreplay, a tease, never looking so pornographic or revealing too much, leaving something to the imagination, just how I like it. Don't get me wrong, I Iove sex but I'm a bit overwhelmed at how much the industry is pushing sex, especially a handful of European publications. Needless to mention names, there are always editorials where models appear in complete nude, showing a bit of a nipple here, and some pubic hair there, but mostly done in a very tasteful, sophisticated, non-vulgar attitude. I understand sex sells, but sometimes the same topic can potentially look banal and boring. I wish editors would take the initiative to start experimenting with other different foreign elements that could possible work, well at the end of the day, that's what fashion is, trial and error.

For those curious ones, you can check the rest of the photos here.

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