Hot Mess

shirt Calvin Klein, vest my own, tie Van Heusun, jeans H&M, shoes Aldo.
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you look so hot and sexy and then you start feeling drops of sweat slowly sliding down your forehead and back? Well, that's what happen a few days ago while on my way to a job interview at Puma.
I putted together a look that said something about me and "setting appropriate". I looked at my closet and thought, "What the hell am I going to wear today?" I had in mind this slim fitted light aqua Calvin Klein shirt and these black rounded point shoes that I purchased a few days back. I then added this dark grey waistcoat that I made for a show a few months ago, but I had doubts about what tie to wear. I first thought of this blue tie that looked decent and worked quite well with the CK shirt. At the last minute, I changed my mind and went with this black tie that I thought pulled everything together. It was sizzling hot outside, probably around mid 90s F. I had no other way to get there but only by public transportation. The interview was set at 3:00 p.m. and I get there about 45 minutes late. I was trotting like a tranny with my ipod earpieces falling off one ear and my phone falling off my hand. I get on the escalator, make a turn and walk in the store worryingly knowing I was late. I calmed down, collected myself and approached this guy at the register who I thought initially was a girl. I asked to see the manager and he points to his right, to this seemingly naive asian chick, who looked to be in her virgin 20s. After talking to a customer over a pair of sneaker on one side of the store she calmly walks to the back of the store, a few minutes later, she comes back out with two applications on her hands, while sitting on this very comfortable black leather couch, I turned my head and notice this dude sitting with his back towards me. He look like he was there for the same reason as I was, but I didn't mind, he looked like no competition.
The manager calls me over and asks me to follow her to the front of the store, she stops and I'm standing facing her tiny frame. I notice she's wearing this cute black "boyfriend" blazer, a white tee, golden flats and this Cuban-inspired hat that I been seeing around quite a bit. She started to emotionlessly ask me questions about me, previous jobs experiences and future goals. But there were two questions that I sort of wobble a bit.
She asked, "What is your strength?"
I mumbled, took me a couple seconds and I replied, "It would have to be my caring for others"
At first it sounded so trite, but I then thought about it and it made sense, sometimes I can be an a-hole, but there are times where I can put myself second, and let another person come first. She proceed it and later asked me.
"What is your weakness?"
Again, took too long to answer, but I said "Probably my listening skills, I been told I don't listen as much as I talk, but I'm working on it"
I relized that came off a bit phony, or it made me sound that I was trying too hard to please her or trying to fit into those characteristics that they were looking for. It felt more like therapy, for some reason, I nervously answered a few questions, but I managed to carefully let words comes out my mouth in a sophisticated, unpretentious manner, trying not to slip up. I giggle and slightly smile between questions but she still keeps a straight face, no smile, no expressions, no nothing. She concludes by mentioning they were only looking for a long-term part-time sales associates and that there was only one position open, I was apalled.
We shaked hands and we both part in separate directions, she went back in and I headed out. I sensed a strange vibe from the interview, almost as if she was telling me "We don't want you here", but I kept moving and went to Levi's to set an interview, a nice black young lady at the register first notices me and seems to like my attire, she consequentially asks.
"Are those Levi's?", referring to my jeans.
I innocently said, "No, they're H&M", she then added.
"Oh well, we could've done an interview right now"
That lead to the other two managers that were close by and myself to laugh, she then sends a guy to the back of the store to grab my application, he comes back out and hands it to her. She proceeds to take a quick glance at it and says.
"Could we set up an interview tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.?".
I said, "Sure, no problem".
"Ok", she said.
"Thanks", I replied
I waved and walked out with a small grin on my face. That definitely felt much better, I thought I was more myself and felt more at home. The guys at Levi's seemed more approachable and friendly which I sensed when I step right on the store.
The next day I arrived to Levi's just 5 minutes late (apparently I have a problem with time), the manager nicely told me to wait a few minutes, we went right outside the store, and sited at these almost neon plastic-looking chairs. The interview goes very smooth, she asked me questions and I answered them back. It almost felt more like talking to a friend, than talking to a future boss. She mentions that she loved the outfit that I was wearing yesterday, "That's was perfect, that's exactly how we are trying to push people how to dress". That was nice to hear, but it also puts some unwanted pressure on me to back up what she said, meaning that I gotta pull it together everyday i showed up at work. I know to some people it may not sound like pressure, but expectations, they know fashion, they follow it, breathe it, eat it, etc. I feel like I also do, but there is definitely not enough clothes on my closet. Concluding, she mentions that's she going to review my application and contact the references I listed in it and adds that they'll be in contact with me soon. She then runs back in the store and hands me this Levi's business card that said "Levi's Stylist", she said that's what sales associates are called but to me I felt that the tittle "stylist" suited my character to a T.

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